Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shopping Ban Update: Week 3!

Hi guys, hope you are all well.
This week I've been VERY busy, its ridiculous how busy I have been! Sunday is my only day off (and I rarely get Sunday's off, so I took the chance this week and grabbed it with both hands!), so I will forever cherish it and spend it sorting out my bedroom, doing washing, drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee and off-course reading far too many blogs. Hence this blog on this very fine Sunday afternoon. Such a cool kid.
 My boyfriend did treat me to dinner out this week though which was nice of him. Although I begged for him to buy me a magazine (More! Magazine if you were wondering, Charlie Simpson was featured in Alan Carr's column!!)  and he said, and I quote "No you're doing this shopping ban, I'm not getting it for you, I'll tell everyone you cheated!" :| How is that classed as cheating if he brought it? Not nice :( *plays violin*

 I am (kind of) getting the hang of this ban now, although it does not stop me from lusting after just about every beauty product known to man. 
My money has gone towards bus fare, driving lesson, new work trousers (mine ripped - classy bird), phone contract, lots of birthday presents/birthday meals/drinks at birthday parties (I've had far too many peoples birthday events this week), food and a few bottles of pop. Pretty boring really. :(

Weekly lusts:
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Kate Moss  (in 03 and 08) - £5.49 
No. 7 Airbrush Away Primer - £19.50
No. 7 Vital Brights Lipstick (in Blooming Pink) - £10
Tweezerman Paw Print Mini Slant Tweezers £15
Studded Dip Dye Sweater- £45
Printed Pink Tee - £8

Just to let you know, I've been having major internet problems. My laptop has broke, lost all my Uni work, photos, everything.... *sobs heart out* and my laptop has now decided not to cooperate and connect to the internet. So my blog posts may not be as often as I would like them to be, but just wanted to give you a thumbs up. Hope you understand!

How has your week been?
Have you brought anything exciting lately?

Comment or tweet @zoelianne_x I will always get back to you.
Love Zoe xxx <3


  1. I may or may not have persuaded me to buy the flower ring I featured on Friday's blog to ahem- circumvent the spending ban! Your boyfriend's a hard taskmaster!

    1. Haha i dont blame you! He is a tough cookie but I know hes right! x

  2. Great list!
    If you have time, I'd love to know what do you think of my fashion blog. It's all about my sense of style between Barcelona and Paris!

  3. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and i love it - now following !

    I'd really appreciate if you could have a wee look at mine? :)

    Great photos! :)


    1. Aw thank you babe, cours ei will following now :) xxx

  4. You're doing so well!! Your boyfriend had your interests at heart- even if it was just one magazine!

    Ahh sorry to hear that your laptops broken, that sucks! Hope you get it fixed/replacement soon :)

    Love, Elizbeth xx

    1. Aww thank you :) I know it is so tempting though :(
      Thank you, I'm finding it hard to come to terms with it not working :( hopefully I will get it sorted! xx

  5. such a great list :) the studded dip dye sweater sounds great!
    hope your notebook will work again soon :/
    in btw i think your blog is great and started to follow you :) maybe you'll
    have a look on my blog as well!


    International Romwe Giveaway :)

    1. Its lovely isn't it! me too :( Im gutted, doesnt look like it will :(
      thank you hunni, following you already as you have a great blgo! :)


  6. amazing list :)
    this post is awesome!!

  7. what a lovely post i'm really liking your blog...will be back :)x

    maybe check out my blog:

  8. Ahh I've made myself go on a shopping ban at the moment, I'm hating it!! :( xxxx