Friday, 6 April 2012

Shopping Ban Update: Week 4!

Hi guys, hope you are all well?
Sorry I have dissapeared for a week. If you read my last blog post, you iwll know my laptop decided to completely go mad and has Lost all of my things... ALL of my work, photos, everything has gone... and now it wont even connect to the internet. Not happy.
So I'm using the house computer when I can, but haven't really had much time, as this week (and next week too) I have worked every day, and I've also been trying to fit in some essay writing too. So sorry for that! Cant wait for a few weeks time and I can get fully back into my blog! :)
Enough rambling.

I haven't been upto much this week really, apart from a driving lesson, work, a friends birthday party, and a bit of studying.

This is a photo of me and my sister (I'm on the left!) before going out doing the compulsory teapot pose! ;)

This weekly update is slightly early, but thought i'd get it up here while I can.

To be honset, this week has been okay. I haven't brought anything for myself in so long (Okay, I know its only been a month but its a big change for me hehe!) I'm sort of getting used to it. I did kind of crash mid-week though - I brought a hair dye.
I'm trying to justify it as 'I needed it, my roots were getting really bad' - but I know I shouldn;t have brought it. I feel so guilty!
I will insert a photo of my newly dyed hair here soon! :)

This week I've just brought food and drink, hair dye and a driving lesson. I haven't had to use public transport as I've been off university for Easter Holidays this week, and I walk to work so that kind of cancels out the money on the hair dye.. I think. Not too bad really :)

My weekly lusts:
Max Factor false lash effect 24 hour mascara £11.99
Babyliss loose waves hair styling wand 2307U £24.99
Hello flawless oxygen wow! brightening make up £24.50
Umberto Giannini incredible body root boost volume spray for big hair £5.49
I really, really want to buy a new top just for that excited shoping 'buzz'!
Have you brought anything exciting recently?
Comment below or tweet @zoelianne_x I will always get back to you :)


  1. Ah love your outfit for going out! I aaaalways do the teapot pose, it just has to happen haha!

    Definitely don't feel guilty about hair dye- roots are a perfect excuse! Especially as you didn't buy anthing else this week!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks hun! Its a Primark top I dug out from ages ago, couldn't find anything!
      Haha it is addictive isn't it! :)
      Thank you :)