Friday, 6 April 2012

Fragrance on a budget: Accessorize

Hey guys! This is my second post of the day - to make up for my absence!
This is part of a new series I plan to post, about 'budget' perfumes/scents and fragrances and my general opinions on them. After all, we all love a bargain.

This weeks fragrance on a budget is Accessorises original scent!
 Price: £15 for 50ml

Accessorize is Monsoons sister store which sells absolutely gorgeous accessorises - I love it.
So a few years ago when they brought out their first fragrance I jumped at the chance.

It is everything you would imagine from an Accessorize perfume. Very, very sweet, girly and floral.

The good:
Packaging is simply as gorgeous as you would imagine - The bottle comes in a lovely white box covered in pictures of flowers, and the bottle, as you can see for yourself is very cute.
The scent is gorgeous, very, very floral.
The price!

The not so good:
Unfortunately, as much as I love this scent, it isn't very long - lasting. It last for about 2/3 hours during the day.
I haven't come across this scent in a bigger bottle than this 50ml bottle, which is a little dissapointing as it would save from having to repurchase so often!
Again, a 50ml bottle doesnt last long, especially if you use it nearly every day like me!
I have only found it available in Accessorize stores, Monsoon and Boots at Christmas time (in a gift set).

Would I repurchase?
Yes, I have several times and would definetely recomend it if you like girly scents, but not if you are after a perfume which will last all day.

Have you tried this Accessorize fragance? Or any of the newer Accessorize perfumes?
What are your thoughts on this weekly or fortnightly post series?
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  1. Cute bottle, I really need some more fragrances but I am broke at the moment xxx

  2. I'll definitely try to find this one and smell it! For such a great price it must be worth the effort;-)))) thank you for all your great tips, Zoe!!!

    1. Its lovely, aww thank you babe, thats really kind :) any time!
      Yep deffo worth it its lovely :D x

  3. Sounds lovely, I actually had no idea Accessorize even has a perfume but i'll definitely be on the lookout for this the next time i go! :) x

    1. Definitely have a sniff hun its gorgeous! They also have some other Accessorize scents out now but I am yet to try them! :) xx

  4. I have awarded you the blogger appreciation award!
    head over to my blog for more details :)x

    1. Thanks hun, I have mentioned you on my latest post <3 x

  5. Good post, might try this myself! I think every girl needs a budget fragrance for places like work...there's no point in wasiting an expensive perfume just to go to work etc! :)

    Please look at my blog I have just joined the blogging world this evening! :)

    Rebecca x

    1. Thanks hunni, you are deffo right there, I hate using expensive 'for best' perfumes for work! Same wavelength!
      I'll have a look now hun :) x