Friday, 22 January 2016

What I Bought From The Lush Sale

I spent far too much time trying to make a purchase from the half price sale online at Lush. I finally managed to make an order and I was so pleased when my products arrived. I had never ordered from Lush online before so I did wonder how long it would take, and how the products would arrive. Everything arrived in one piece so I was pleased.

I picked up a few100ml bottles of Snow Fairy; like a lot of people this is one my favourite shower gels - I couldn't resist!
The bath bombs I picked up were Dashing Santa, Golden Wonder and Cinders. My room smells amazing with all of these bath bombs!
I picked up two gift sets - one being the Snow Fairy Castle gift set, which includes all of my favourite Snow Fairy scented items - this has to be my favourite Lush gift set of all time.
I also bought the Firecracker gift set. I picked this one because it included two bath bombs and a bubble bar. I tend to pick gift sets with just bath bombs, shower gels or bubble bars as I know I will get my use out of them as they are my favourite Lush products.

Did you buy anything from Lush in the sale?


  1. Ooh i'm very jealous of all your purchases. I completely forgot about the sale so didn't manage to pick anything up - but i'll be on the ball this year haha! Lovely post xx

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  2. I didn't manage to get anything in the sale!