Wednesday, 30 September 2015

FNUG Skinny Jeans Nail Polish

It isn't often I talk about nails or nail varnish or anything nail related on my blog. I like wearing nail varnish but I have always had the bad habit of biting my nails - gross I know. I've tried to stop this awful habit in recent Months which has meant I have taken a lot more interest in nail varnishes. I have found I really like nudes, greys and lilac colours. I think they are very classic and underated colours for nails. I'm not quite brave enough to sport bright nails just yet so this is a perfect shade for me.

You will have to excuse my nails in the photograph - this picture was taken a few Weeks ago now, and I haven't yet had chance to take another picture due to memory card problems!

FNUG are a natural beauty brand which sell a range of nail polishes which contain strengthening silica and vitamins and caviar. The polishes are designed to condition the nails as well as look great. I chose the shade Skinny Jeans as it looked a really wearable colour which would be suitable for work.

I think the polish is very pigmented. With just one layer of product, it gives a good colour pay off just like the bottle. When I have been wearing this polish I have been using two coats of nail polish and a top coat, and it lasts really well with no chipping for around 6 Days. The brush is a good size and distrbutes the polish evenly. I love the colour of this nail varnish, it is described as a 'plum brown' colour which I think is accurate to the shade.
Overall I am quite impressed with the nail polish - the polish lasts on the nails - and if it is beneficial to the condition of the nails I am all for it.

You can buy this nail polish online here at Mypure for the price of £12.

*PR sample*

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