Saturday, 20 December 2014

December Degustabox - the one I've been waiting for!

It is becoming one of the highlights of my Month when my Degustabox lands on my door step - there is nothing better than the surprise of some good food and drink. If you are unfamiliar with Degustabox, it is basically a surprise subscription service where you receive 9-14 food and drink products which are often new on the market or products you might not have picked up on your grocery shop. A Degustabox costs just £12.99 a Month - you can cancel at any time or just order for one Month if you want to, which I think is great. By entering the code M4PE6 at the checkout, you will receive a generous £3 off your next order! I was super excited for this Months box in particular - being festive and all I was eager to see what treats were in store for us this December.

Lets take a peak at what was in the December Degustabox shall we?

The Chia Co Chia Oats in Mixed Berry and Chia Shot
This brand is one I have never heard of before, so I was intrigued to learn more about them and their products. Chia is a chemical free seed which contains fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3. It is great to add a little onto your every day meals so you can benefit from them. The oats sound really interesting too and in a great flavour, so I cant wait to try them for Breakfast on a cold Winter Morning.

 Pukka Herbs Clean Green Organic Green Tea
I think green tea is a great addition for anyone that wants to become a little more healthy in the New Year. My sister is already obsessed with green tea so she will undoubtedly drink them all before anyone else gets a look in. The zesty lemon flavour does sound really nice and refreshing, so hopefully I will try these too. Pukka have a huge range of other teas so definitely have a look on their website if you are like tea.

 Bahlsen Choco Leibniz in Caramel and Milk
We love Bahlsen biscuits at home so we were pleased to see two packs of their chocolate biscuits in the box. The chocolate tastes amazing, they didn't last long believe me! They are seriously addictive and are a perfect pairing with a cup of coffee.

 Kent's Kitchen Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba Meal Kit
I really like the concept of Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits. They contain the paste, seasoning and the oil to create an authentic dish in 20 minutes. I love these because we don't always have the specific ingredients at home we need, so it is great to have just the right amount if we fancy creating the dish. 
I have never tried this meal before so I am looking forward to adding the ingredients to some fish and seeing how it tastes. Again, this is another great way of trying out a new meal without buying a lot of ingredients you might not use a lot. 

 Eisberg Riesling Italico Wine (alcohol free)
This wine is non alcoholic, which is great for me as I really am not a big drinker at all. I am saving this for Christmas Day so I can still join in with everyone else and have a glass of wine but not drink anything alcoholic. I imagine this would be a great alternative to wine if you were driving or pregnant over Christmas, or anytime really. Eisberg alcohol free wine is created the same way wine is usually created - just without the alcohol content. I have spotted a few other alcohol free wines that Eisberg stock and I will probably try those next. 

 Fry Light Infuse Chilli Oil Cook & Flavour Spray
At home, we always use the regular fry light when we are frying food, so it was great to see this Chilli Oil version in the box this Month. This will be great for stir - fry's, I cant wait to start using it. To use, simply add more sprays than normal to increase the flavour.

 Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips
I love popchips - they are quickly becoming one of my favourite savoury snacks. They are not baked or fried and are low in calories as they hold less than 100 calories per serving. I haven't tried this flavour before so I am really looking forward to munching on these over Christmas. 

Gloworm Premium Mixer Drinks
The Gloworm Premium Mixer drinks are a great idea of you enjoy drinking spirits but fancy a change. The drinks are specially blended to compliment a selection of spirits. Gloworm is available in 4 flavours; Raspberry & Orris for Vodka, Cucumber & Apple for Gin, Pear, Spice & Lime for Rum, and Ginger & Lemongrass for Bourbon. My Sister has already called dibs on these to add to her drinks before nights out.

Bonne Maman Orange Coarse Shred Marmalade
I really love marmalade on wholemeal toast for Breakfast. The Bonne Maman Orange Coarse Shred Marmalade tastes amazing. It is really zesty and zingy and also has thick orange peels in the marmalade which makes it taste great in my opinion. I really do like this marmalade and will probably repurchase it after this one has been used up.

I really like the theme of this Month's box. I feel a lot of the products are great for well-being and are mostly low calorie, which is fantastic for the New Year. I am really impressed with the items included in this Month's box. I particularly like the Fry Light Chilli Oil  and the Eisburg non- alcoholic wine. Both of these products are something I know I will enjoy consuming but I probably wouldn't think about picking up for myself, so thank you Degustabox for continually introducing me to fantastic new brands and products I love that I wouldn't of tried before!

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