Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Christmas Tree and Lights: LED pink lights review

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!
I absolutely love decorating the home at Christmas time. It is probably my favourite festive activity of the Month of December. I love how it makes the home look cosy and ready for Father Christmas! It instantly puts me in a great mood when I enter the house and see the tree lit up with pretty decorations and lights. This is our Christmas Tree this Year. We have kept baubles very limited this year, as we feel  that these beautiful LED lights from LED Hut look fantastic alone.

The main feature of our tree this year is this set of LED Outdoor Christmas Bunch Lights in pink* from.LED Hut. As you can see, they are really striking pink which of-course I instantly fell in love with! The lights are on a wire cable which adds a really cute and shabby chic touch. The wire is very thin, and you able to spread the wire out if you want to which makes the lights look so much more versatile to your average LED lights on a standard wire. I really like this feature as I am able to arrange the lights how I want to in a decorative and presentable manner.  I have spread the lights from the top of the tree as I think this looks really pretty. I am not the most clued - up on LED lights and their technicalities but my Dad tells me that the lights are really good, and was very impressed when I un-boxed them! He says that they are really good quality and that he hasn't seen any lights quite like these. They are very thin and really easy to bunch together and put them in different positions which is something I have never really seen or noticed before with LED lights. The pink lights are so pretty on our dark tree, but I would love to arrange the lights outisde too. The lights slightly change to a purple/blue glaze colour when you are looking at them, which is so pretty and looks like the colours change!
There are 18 LED's on each lead, and each lead holds 10 x 1.8m of light.
I absolutely love that you can use the lights both indoor and outdoor, meaning they are really multi - purpose. 

The lights make such a lovely feature wrapped around the tree or would even look great wrapped around a bush, mirror or a bed frame. I am planning on continuing to use them after Christmas in another area of the house. The photographs do not do the lights justice, as it is quite difficult to photograph LED lights in the dark without the entire picture looking out of focus, so apologies for that! They are definitely a great sight to see when the room lights are out!

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you use a lot of decorations and LED lights?

*I was sent the lights to feature and review on my blog. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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