Friday, 31 January 2014

Guest Post: Andrea's Twist On Skin Care

Hi everyone, today I have another great guest post from the lovely Andrea, who writes the blog No More Twist. Andrea is a fashion designer that creates beautiful clothing and does it all herself. She also has a Youtube Channel where she shares all her tips and tricks on being a fashion designer. Do check her out as her blog is interesting and a great read, and shes super lovely, too! 

Ohhh cleansing with weird as that may sound, it feels so right on my skin. I have oily/combination skin with a problematic chin area. (Curse being female for this!!) Oil cleansing has been the most beautiful way to treat my skin with some respect and gentility, finally! 

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I discovered this method through hours of Youtube trawling and was dumbfounded! At first I thought no way man! That's just zit city. I was clearly wrong. 

Using oil as a cleanser does not cause spots or acne, would you believe. Those skin ailments are usually down to bad diet, hormones and bacteria. When you cleanse with commercial face products all those nasty soaps, chemicals and preservatives actually strip your skin from its natural happy face oils. Therefore your face goes into overdrive, panics and produces an obscene amount of sebum causing your over oily skin. "Oil dissolves oil." By cleansing your skin with lovely natural oils your face doesn't freak out and over produce, it feels it simply has no need to. It will help gently remove the dirty oil and replace it with good, nourishing, healing oil which you can tailor to your skin type. 

I use a beautiful smelling oil which I got from a lovely lady at Traditional Crafts, she is on Etsy, find her here:

She has so much information written under each of her products, so you can really tailor you oil choice to your skin type. As I have Combination skin I use the Geranium and Grapefruit All Natural Cleansing Oil alongside her Beauty Sleep Serum. I also use a little Olive oil on reusable cleansing pads just to get rid of the majority of my eye make-up, you can use the cleansing oil, I just don't want to waste it because I wear so much eyeliner! 
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How beautiful is that packaging too! Traditional Crafts had my items out to me in no time and her shipping prices are really great. She makes everything herself and they smell amazing, all the cleansing oils are 100% natural and are handmade to order! I cannot describe to you how good these products smell! Just soooo very good!!! 

Anyway, how do you do it?

Simple really, I like to do mine at the end of the day, you don't need to oil cleanse too much, once a day should be fine. I get myself a nice hand hot jug of water with a lovely flannel in it. If I have stubborn eye make-up on then I will take a reusable cleansing pad with a little Olive oil on and gently wipe away as much of my eye make-up as possible.

After this, I take a small amount, like 10p sized, of my Geranium and Grapefruit cleansing oil into the palm of my hands and warm between my palms then gently massage into my face and neck in upwards motions. Do that for as long as you feel necessary, I find a minute or so is fine.

Leave it to sit there and be all natural and lovely for about 30 seconds then take your hot steamy flannel and place it over your face and let it cool. Then gently wipe away any excess oil. The steaming helps open the pores and draw out any impurities your make-up may have left behind. I then let my skin air dry for a little bit, before either patting a little bit more of the Geranium oil as a moisturiser or moving on to the Beauty Sleep Serum. This I spend a little bit of time working in, it will be absorbed overnight and you will be left with baby soft skin in the morning. I enjoy having dewy well-balanced soft skin now! 

Thanks Zoe for letting me post on your lovely site! I assume that if you like beauty, you may also like fashion! If that sounds appealing you can come see my work on my blog at:

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it!