Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Candle in Secret Santa

Bomb Cosmetics Candle In Secret Santa

I love candles, and jumped at the chance of owning some Bomb Cosmetic candles when I spotted them at an event recently. I bought two, one of them being Secret Santa. I know Christmas is over now, but I am pretty sure you can still purchase this now online for a festive treat for yourself, save it 'till next Winter or even pick it up for a super early Christmas present for next year!

As you can see it is beautiful presented. Bomb Cosmetics candles are all hand made so you can see the thought that goes into their products. The notes in this candle are spicy ginger, caramel and vanilla. It smells very sweet and festive, it fills up a room.

I love tinned candles as they are so much easier to reuse or dispose of after you have burnt the entire candle. This costs £7.99 from Bomb Cosmetics, which I feel is a reasonable price for such a strong scented candle. The website suggests the burn time for this candle is approximately 35, which I agree with. 

You can purchase this candle from their website here. 


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  2. I really wanna try these and also the jewel candles. I've seen some amazing rings and earrings come from them. My luck would be that i'd get the really cheap £10 ring or something haha! Great post and I love the look of your blog so I have just followed :) - would love for you to come visit my blog x