Sunday, 5 April 2015

FabYouLess Card and Giveaway!

I was recently contacted by a company called Fabyouless, who are a company which specialize in a card membership with a difference.
Fabyouless Card membership gives you a 25% off or a 2 for 1 discount on a huge selection of treatments and sessions every time you choose to use your card.
 There are so many treatments you are able to take advantage of your discount with your Fabyouless card, such as beauty, clinic, dental, fitness, hair, holistic therapy, makeover, nails, spa, tanning and more.

I was offered to try out a Fabyouless card to use and share my thoughts with you all. The Fabyouless card costs £49.95 and is valid for 12 Months. A subscription service is also available where you would pay £4.95 a Month for the card.
To use, you simply log onto the Fabyouless website and search for a partner venue on the venue search page.You can also filter the search by distance, offer, availability and type of service. Once you have searched, a list will appear of all of the venues which partner with Fabyouless. You can then go on to look further onto each of these venues, where plenty of information is provided including the full postal address, distance, availability, discount and further information of each venue.
There were over 70 venues in a 10 mile radius to my house which partnered with Fabyouless; quite a few I had no idea existed and some of the venues I have visited before. You are able to request an appointment with some of the venues online through the website, or just call them stating you will be using your Fabyouless card.
The website is really easy and straight-forward to use. The layout is clear and all the information you would need is listed on the website. I have seen so many good reviews of FabYouLess online, I am really impressed.

Although I did initially think that £49.95 is a lot of money for a discount card, I do think the card is worth the money if you have regular hair appointments and have regular beauty treatments every few Weeks, as 25% is a great saving if you are on a budget and often do spend your money on beauty treatments. I imagine that the card would make a great gift for any beauty lover or someone that enjoys a good pamper on a regular basis. I think the Monthly subscription service sounds great, as you are able to trial out the card for three Months to see if it works out well for you.

I was also kindly offered if I would like to giveaway a card to a lucky reader of Zoe Lianne! All you have to do to enter is complete each task on the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

*I was offered a 12 Month membership card 
& the chance to hold a giveaway* 

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  1. That definitely does seem pricey but I suppose if there really are a lot of discounts available it's worth the money!
    Rebecca || Rebecca Marie UK Lifestyle Blog xxx