Sunday, 26 April 2015

First Impressions of the Eco Tools Bronzer Brush

I am a big fan of Eco Tools Make Up Brushes. I have quite the collection now; a lot of them being firm favourites that I use everyday. I love the ethos behind Ecotools, as their make up brushes are made from recycled aluminium, bamboo and have cruelty free bristles, which as a brand makes them very enviromentally friendly.

I have been after a new bronzer brush for a while. Bronzer isn't something I use every day - I haven't found the perfect bronzer for me just yet but I really wanted to invest in a good bronzer brush for when I am wanting to add some glow and colour to my face in the Summer Months.
The Eco Tools Bronzer Brush is the perfect size for distributing the product, as it is a large brush I use it lightly when applying bronzer and the application is great.
For the time I have been using the brush, it hasn't shed at all - I must say that out of all my make - up brushes, the Eco Tools brushes are the brushes that shed the least.
I have used this brush with bronzer and I have used it as a powder brush, and it works well as a tool for both. I have found that I only need a small amount of product onto the brush as it distributes the product really well and if there is too much product on the brush, my face is covered in the product which is great for when you are using the brush to apply powder, but not bronzer. I do really like the quality of the brush and it applies powder really well. Although I don't think it is the best bronzer brush out there, I do think it is a great budget - friendly bronzer or powder brush. 
The bronzer brush is available to buy from MyPure online.
*Post includes PR sample.*

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  1. I love Eco Tools brushes for the price. Really reasonable and reliable xx
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