Saturday, 4 April 2015

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

I was recently contacted by Baker Days; a company which specialize in personalized celebration cakes, to see if I wanted to try out their services, and better still, receive a cake. Of-course I said yes, as cake is one of my very favourite things in life. Who doesn't love cake!

I was sent a letterbox cake; as the name suggests, is a cake that is designed carefully so that it can be popped through your letterbox just like a letter! It measures 12cm x 2.5cm. I love the concept of a cake being delivered through your letterbox, meaning you don't have to wait around for the postman to sign for your parcels, it comes straight through the door! It is also great if you are unable to visit family or a friend but want them to have a special cake - it can be sent to them without the worry of them being in the house so the surprise factor will still be there. The letterbox cake gives around 3-4 portions, which is perfect for a token gift for that special celebration.

Baker Days are able to create personalized and photo cakes, as well as having a HUGE selection of designs and categories for you to pick from. I decided on a congratulations cake as I recently passed my Driving Test, so I thought it would be very fitting. I have no family Birthdays coming up so I thought I would prolong the celebrations of passing my test with cake - this was very well received by my family!
The cake I selected is the You are a Star! cake. I really love the cute star and bird design with the floral pattern, it is very me. I was able to personalise the wording on the cake, so I decided I would have my name on the cake, making it super personal and something to remember. 
The cake also came with a cute card, balloons, and candles to pop on the cake. I thought this was a very special touch.

There is a choice of different recipes for the cake, and I opted for chocolate chip sponge cake made with only Belgian Chocolate as chocolate is my favourite type of cake. There is something for everyone, with a choice of fruit cake, chocolate chip sponge cake, vanilla sponge cake, as well as dairy free and gluten wheat free cakes. 
I have to say the cake tasted delicious. I am a big cake fiend so I have high standards in cake (cake is definitely my weakness so I have become an expert over the Years!) and this one definitely hit the spot. The icing tasted great and wasn't too thick which is just the way I like it. The chocolate sponge tasted sweet, was moist, fresh, and not dry at all. 

The cake was packaged really well and was in perfect condition when it arrived at my house. The cake is cased in an adorable cake tin, which again is really useful and can be used again for storage. I did wonder if it would stay together when dropping through the letterbox, but in fact it arrived very safely in one piece. 

I would recommend Baker Days if you are looking for a special token gift for a celebration. I think this would be a lovely gift for anyone that loves cake. I will definitely be buying Baker Days cakes in the future - I love the concept of the letterbox cake and I know quite a few people that would appreciate it! 

Baker Days have a variety of different cakes and designs to choose from. You can check out their entire range on their website

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  1. i always thought these cakes would turn up in a messed up heap through the letter box but it surprisingly didn't, so cool! and the perfect unique gift, PS i love cake to way too much ahah xo