Sunday, 19 April 2015

Alva Organic Creamy Lipstick in Naked Pink

Having quite a large collection of lipsticks in my beauty stash, I have become quite well - behaved when it comes to picking up new ones. I have been very selective and quite sensible with the colours I have been choosing - I have tonnes of plums and reds so I have stayed away from temptation to buy more. A shade of lipstick I am always happy to add to my collection though, is a nude pink. Nude pinks are so easy to wear for me, as I find that 'my lips but better' tone so easy to pull off and I don't have to worry too much if the shade suits me etc. I certainly don't need any more nude pinks as I have quite a lot already, but I know this new lipstick will be very well-loved, and as I tend to use these shades every Day, it will be very well-used, too.

The lipstick in question Today is one by the natural and organic beauty brand; Alva, and is in the shade Naked Pink. Naked Pink is one of four shades from their Orgnanic Creamy Collection, the other shades being a red, orange and purple. The lipsticks are certified vegan and organic, and cost £14.15 each. I will be the first to admit that I think the price is quite high; up there with the likes of other high-end brands. Do I think Alva delivers on the lipstick front? Yes I do. The Organic Creamy Collection was created with ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, natural vitamin E, and cocoa butter to ensure the lips are left feeling soft, silky and best of all, moisturized. The product applies well, being able to build up the colour as much as you like without the product drying out the lips. This is a great attribute to the product if you suffer from sensitive skin like me, as I often find that constantly reapplying a lip product makes my lips very sore and irritated. The lipstick lasts well on the lips for around 4 hours without the need to reapply it, which is good going for a natural product to last so well in my opinion. 
Alva's Organic Creamy Lipstick in Naked Pink  is available to buy online from MyPure. 

*This post includes a PR sample*

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