Monday, 9 March 2015

First Thoughts: Ordinary Skincare Extraordinary Night Cream

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Ordinary Skincare Extraordinary Night Cream

I thought I would share my thoughts on a night cream I have been trying out recently. It is from the brand Ordinary Skincare; a brand I have never heard of or tried before, so I was eager to see how I felt using the product. Ordinary Skincare are a brand fairly new to the UK, who are a highly regarded specialist skincare brand from South Africa.

 First Thoughts

I really did enjoy using this product. I have been using a sample of the Ordinary Skincare Extraordinary Night Cream for a few Weeks now and I do like it as a night cream. The cream is quite thick and has a creamy texture to it, but not greasy. This is something I look for in a night cream as I hate feeling like I have greasy skin before bed! The product smells pleasant and 
I have somehow developed a lot of dry skin patches on my face recently, so I am now trying to use products which will help me with this. I feel that this night cream does help with my dry patches as it is so rich and moisturising, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh on a Morning. As I have only been using a few samples of the product I don't feel I am able to give a full review, pbut my first impressions of the product is that it works and is something I would consider using in the future.

Ordinary Skincare products are now available to buy online at

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