Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Get Britain Writing with Fancy Stationary! #NSW

Hi everyone, I am writing about writing again Today! 

As you may know, National Stationary Week is not far ahead of us and I am getting involved in the hope of encouraging Britain to get writing a lot more. I for one really do need to spend more time writing, so I have tried to implement this into my daily routine. Little steps!

I have started writing lists of all the things I need to do that Day - I love to tick them off my list! I have also been jotting down blog ideas a lot more throughout the Day - it has really helped.

Another thing that has encouraged me to get writing is this absolutely beautiful pen by Sheaffer. It has been a long time since I have got so excited about pens, but this one in particular is a pretty nifty one indeed, and I cant stop using it!  I definitely think if you have a nice pen or a cool notepad it could help encourage people to write more.

*Post includes PR sample*

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