Friday, 16 March 2012

Shopping Ban Challenge - Week 1

Updates on my thoughts on my 1st week attempting the 100 day shopping ban challenge!

Okay, so firstly, I must say, this has been harder to do than I thought, and I am only 6 days in. 94 days to go, not that I'm counting or anything.
My first day actually proved difficult - knowing that I couldn't purchase any impluse buys meant that I wanted to buy things all the more. I work part-time in a fashion clothing store, and with this being located slap bang in the middle of  a very popular (and mega busy) shopping centre near the Birmingham area, it was quite difficult to leave and not visit any other shops as I left.
I have worked four days this week which meant as I left work I lusted in every shop window I passed - even shops i'd never shop in, just 'cause I was shopping-hungry.
I even decided that this week, I would go (sort of) cold turkey. I didn't buy food or drink this week! The only food I brought was a packet of chewits (child at heart) as I needed to break into my notes for change for the bus fare. I made do with home-made lunches for work and University; which I actually enjoyed spending the time making them. I knew if I went into the shops i'd cave in and buy unneeded junk - so I cut shopping off completely.
The only things my money went on this week was on public transport (only for Uni as its two hours away, I walked to and from work everyday!) my mums Mother's Day presents and card, said chewits, and a driving lesson. I'm actually quite proud.
I taunted myself last night having a nosey on the Superdrug website, so much I'd love to purchase simply for the buzz.

I also had a good sort out of my wardrobe this week, and i've got rid of A LOT! Two huge overflowing piles on clothes I don't wear or no longer fit. I think I will give some to charity and sell the rest on ebay.

My 'empties' after attempting to use up half used and last dregs from products lurking in my bathroom/bedroom cluttering up and wasting space, included:
  • 1 pack of baby wipes (which had been in my drawer since October last year, yes really, there were only about 5/70 wipes left!).
  • 4 half used body sprays.
  • The last dregs of Primark's 'Rock Spirit' Perfume which had been in the bottom of my bag for a loooong time.
Picture from We Heart It

I'm finding it quite hard to keep myself sane though! If you have any suggestions please do let me know, I would very much appreciate it. I'm very lucky that my mum brought me some little bits this week (lots of socks and teddybear shaped handbag pomanders if you were wondering) and my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner twice, and also a cheeky trip to Mcdonalds midweek.
What have you all been spending your hard-earned on this week? Jealous!
Anyone got any good tips on other ways to save money and keep myself entertained?

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Lots of love, Zoe :-) xx


  1. You have so much willpower! It's a great thing to be doing, as imagine what you could do with all the money you save at the end of 100 days.

    I'm thinking to try this, but not until April as I start a new job then and need new worky outfits. I think the thing I'd find hardest is getting bored. I live next to a Westfield and if I'm bored I'll go wander around it.

    1. Aww thank you hun, you are so kind!
      Good luck with your new job!
      I'm exactly the same, I work in a shop in a Westfields shopping centre and I just spend all my money and time there!
      Thanks for the comment it really make me smile, hope you're okay x

  2. Wow you're doing so well! I really admire your dedication - especially to not buy food or drink too! (The chewits definitely dont count haha)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Aw thanks hun thats really sweet and kind of you!
      I'm really struggling to be honest but your comment made me smile :-)
      Haha thank you hun! Hope you're okay babe xx

  3. Hello Zoe! I noticed you'd appeared on my followers list (thank you! You are one of the treasured few!) and thought I'd come and say hello and follow back. I'm also doing the shopping ban and I too am finding it hard! I keeping seeing so many pretty things but I've noticed my bank balance seems more healthy for this time of month so that's kind of made me pleased!

    I'm impressed you managed to not buy anything else (my ban is restricted to clothing and accessories as that's what I am terrible with but maybe I should cut out craft materials etc also as I bought some today when buying some school materials!)

    Maybe you could put a pound in a box everytime you craved something and then by the end of the ban, see a nice amount accrued there, to do with, what you will? Just an idea!

    1. Hi sweetheart, thank you for such a lovely, kind comment.
      No problem, I have been really enjoying reading your posts, you have a lovely blog. :-)

      It is really difficult isn't it, I didn't realise I'd find it so hard! But I agree with you it feels good when you have money to spare :-)Aww thank you :-) how is your shopping ban going?

      That is a lovely idea, I will definitely do that!
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment hun and the idea, I will give you a mention in my next shopping ban update, is that okay with you?
      Hope you are well xx