Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rimmel... for a pound?

Right, now, pre-spending ban, I had a wonder around the Poundland shop in my local shopping centre just getting a drink before work. And what did I find... a huge job lot of named, high street brand make-up?!

They stocked a lot in my store, including: Rimmel, Wet n Wild, Maybelline, Sally Hansen, Candy Kitten,  etc etc.... They had a lot of nail varnishes, single eye shadows, mascaras (yes, rimmel mascaras!) and one or two lipsticks. Alogn with this they had a brand called Chit chat, which I assume is Poundlands main make up brand? as they stock a lot of it. Anyone tried it out?

I was well behaved and picked out only one item.

I know its already a little dusty looking- i've used it every day since purchase  :-)

This was Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in 030 Smokey Quartz. It is a very light pink/peachy colour, quite pigmented (not the best, does take two or three applications but still great) and very shimmery.
Now I am unsure ifthis is now discontinued/old stock (for it being in Poundland) but it was in perfectly good shape and condition when I brought it and beautiful quality, as always.
The back of the shadow also gives a few tips which I thought was lovely, like a few of their older products, and states it compliments blue eyes, and how to get a subtle & London look - for a pound!!
They had a few of these glam'eyes - but I did have to have a good search as there were a lot of green and oranges which I wouldn't usually wear - my sister picked up a green one though!
I was pretty impressed that Poundland stock high street brands - have any of you checked out your local Poundland stores?
Got any bargains recently?
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Love you all xx


  1. I've noticed the odd Rimmel, or Revlon product in poundland but never anything this good! Will need to take another look in my local one!x

    1. Deffo hun, have a good search-it did take me a while to find a colour that suited me but well worth it for a pound! Hope you're okay xx

  2. I've noticed a few lipglosses in our one, but will definitely be checking it out when I'm next in there. It's such a good find!
    The colour you got is also lovely! :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


    1. Definately have a good nosey around in yours hun, it took me a while to find a nice colour (lots of slime greens and yellows that i'd never use) but some lovely ones too :) lovely to hear from you, thank you for the comment! xxx

  3. My gosh I am so glad for this post!! I love my local poundworld because I can't resist buying some branded polish from there. I've been meaning to do a post about it for a while now. I've picked up some lovley Rimmel, Sally Hansen polish, and even some L.A colours nail art polish. Did some cool colourful leopard print nails with the nail art polish if you fancy a look. Glad your spreading the word about branded cosmetics in poundshops!!

    Love nails. Love obsessionlacquer



    1. Me too, I always find something, I got a medium swing mirror from there too I couldn't believe it!
      I will have a mooch now hun :-)
      you should definitely do a post too! Love a good bargain me :-)
      Hope you're well xxx

  4. i saw so many rimmel products..is that safe to use?

    1. Mine was fine, I've been using it ever since and its been good :) they wouldn't be allowed to sell it if it was out of date so I just assume it was because they changed the packaging :)