Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Better late than never...

Right, I know this is Verryyyy late, and you're all probably thinking 'babe, its March!' but i've finally got round to writing a list of things I hope to achieve this year. I know a lot of bloggers have written these posts at the start of the year, but the past 3 months have literally flew by.
There are 21 things, as I will be 21 this year. Currently I haven't achieved any of these, so I think its fair for me to start it now. Better late than never?

1. Lose weight
2. Eat healthier and partake in more exercize!
3. Increase my income somehow, 2nd job perhaps?
4. Have a foot massage - sounds strange but I would love to try one of those foot massage thingy-majiggies!
5. Be nicer to my boyfriend!
6. Do some volunteer work to help me get into the career I want
7. Join a fitness class
8. Try to have a more positive outlook on life
9. Work hard on my last few months at University
10. ...and graduate!
11. Blog more often
12. Travel to a few new places!
13. Start a full time job
14. Actually pass my driving test!
15. Stop worrying about the past, present and future...
16. Take up a new hobby!
17. Spend more time with friends
18. Stop spending money so recklessly
19. Learn a new skill
20. Book a holiday
21. Make new friends

I hope I can achieve most of them at least if not all!
Hope you are all well! What are your hopes for this year, and have you achieved any so far?
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  1. Some of mine are similar- definitely the less worrying one!!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


    1. Bless you hun :) I'm always worrying too hehe xx

  2. Passing my driving test is on my list too, I really need to move my bum!


    1. Me too hun, i'm just so cautious! Loving your blog, i'm your newest follower :) x