Sunday, 4 March 2012

February Favourites

My February favourites guys, hope you enjoy. I must admit I haven't purchased much this month as I have been very ill and swamped over with Uni work. Do let me know if there is any posts you would like to see in the future! Love you all!

Superdrug Simply Pure: Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, Calming Cleanser and Refreshing Toner (All for Sensitive Skin) which cost roughly around £2.50 each. I have always used Superdrug's own branded Cleanser and Toner and will always recommend it!

So...? Fab EDT 30 ml which costs £5.99 from Superdrug which smells very sweet and girly!

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter (50ml) which cost £5

Lynx Attract For Her, whch is availble for a limited time at Superdrug and costs around £2.50-3.50.

Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar and Natural which cost £3.99

This is a cosmetic organiser I picked up from a UK store called Home Bargains. It cost between £2-3 I cant remember the correct price for it now, but very, very cheap. It is ideal for keeping on your desk or dressing table the essentials you use everyday, I love mine and plan to get another on my next visit to the store. There is a picture below of how I am using mine currently.

Packs of three socks from Primark £2 per pack. Pretty basic and boring but everyone needs socks! I got the white cow designed pack and the yellow cake designed pack incase you were wondering, hehe. They have a huge selection of other gorgeous designs. Thumbs up for cute socks!

And lastly, just a Lip Smacker Fanta Lip Balm (Available from Primark, Claires Accessories, Top Shop) which cost just £1 from Primark. I love lip balms and I always pick one up at the counter!

So sorry this is a short favourite post guys, as I said I have been quite ill and busy with university and working so haven't really had chance to shop, and not worn a lot of make-up due to having the flu.
Hope you are all well, I'd love to hear from you! Tweet me @zoelianne_x or comment below!
How has February been for you?  What have you picked up this months and what are your faves?
Loves xxxxx

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