Monday, 7 November 2016

The Best Lashes and Nails for a Natural Look

Impress Nails

When it comes to false nails and lashes, I'm definitely no pro at application but I do love having long eyelashes and pretty nails, so it is an ongoing progress for me to achieve it. One of my favourite pamper things to do is to get acrylic nails put on at a salon, but this isn't always an option as it can be a little bit pricey if you have your nails done often, which isn't really something I can commit to; so buying false nails to put on myself at home is a much more affordable way of doing things for me. I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to nail glue and all the rest of it, so I do tend to reach for stick on nails like these Impress Nails. I love these as they stay on for a reasonable amount of time; which for me is usually about a Week or so. They are so easy to apply and come with a little nail file too and lots of extra nails in-case one does fling off. I personally love a simple manicure look, however Impress nails are available in tonnes of pretty designs and colours. I think they are great for every day or for a special event. They last well and look professional. I like this style as they are not over the top and not too long which makes them ideal for work and day to day.
The Kiss Acrylic French Nails are just as good, they come with a really good nail glue and are easy and quick to apply onto your own nails. I think these last really well for a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend these as they are a great alternative to going to a salon.

To perfect my manicure I do tend to find manicure sticks useful, my cuticles aren't in the best condition so these Kiss manicure sticks are an essential for me.

I have really straight and short eyelashes, so if I am going somewhere special false lashes are always a good idea for me. I tend to stick with individual lashes as I feel they don't look too over the top, I have been wearing the Kiss Haute Couture Trio Lashes recently which are so easy to apply and they stay on well too. 
Although I prefer individual lashes, I have tried this pair of lashes recently from Kiss in the style 'Hot'. They are very natural and have a tapered end to the lash. I have found these much easier to apply onto my lashes compared to other false lashes I have tried before. The glue included in the pack is also quite good. They feel really light and not too heavy, which is something I tend to find I struggle with when wearing lashes.

What lashes and nails do you recommend? Have you tried these before?
Impress Nails and Kiss Lashes and Nails are available at ASDA and Boots.

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