Saturday, 29 October 2016

Project Spending Ban... again

I remember not long after I started writing my blog, I spent a few Months on a spending ban and documented it here. My splurging on myself is getting a little ridiculous at the moment and with Christmas just around the corner, I really need to reel it in a little and start making plans for the things I actually need to buy in the next few Months.

Last time I did a spending ban I think I was quite strict with the rules, hopefully I wont have to be so strict with myself this time but I do have a few guidelines for myself so hopefully I wont stray away!

  • Bills and other commitments e.g. phone, gym membership, car & petrol will be paid as normal
  • An occasional treat is allowed (but only once or twice a fortnight, and I'm talking a coffee or a meal out, not a clothes shopping spree!)
  • Clothes shopping is pretty much banned. I recently stocked up on my Winter clothes and I really don't need to buy anymore clothes!
  • Only essentials to be bought for myself. So toiletries and the food shopping? YES. A new handbag? NO.
  • I need to save my spending so I can finish my Christmas shopping! 
Hopefully I'll be able to stick to this for a few Weeks, I'm hoping to stick to it for about six or seven Weeks, wish me luck! (I'll definitely need more than luck).

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