Sunday, 20 November 2016

My Latest Lust List

It has been over a Week now since I last blogged and I already feel so behind and out of the loop. I've been finding it difficult keeping up with blogging just recently, but I reminded myself blogging is a pastime for me and I should enjoy writing and not feel like I have to put a post out just for the sake of it. So that is what I'm doing :) I'm back today with a good old favourite of mine; a wishlist. I'm currently trying to stick to a spending ban (if you follow me on Twitter you will know I am failing miserably) but that doesn't stop me from lusting over pretty things! With the run up to Christmas in full flow now, I really don't have the extra pennies to keep treating myself, so I've popped them onto this list here, so that I can come back here in a Month or so and treat myself to something special off my list.
What are you lusting after this Month?

1 comment:

  1. LOVE THIS! It's all so cute and that 'Think Outside the Box' print is awesome - I want one! Can't wait to see your next wishlist. You're definitely giving me some interior inspiration :) Chloe ( xxx