Monday, 2 November 2015

Lush Christmas: Snow Fairy and Butterbear

You know it is almost Christmas when Lush release their Christmas range in stores, right? I popped in store the Day the new lines were released because I couldn't wait to buy some of the collection. I restrained myself and picked only a few items on this shopping trip, but I am pretty sure I will be going back for more soon. I picked up two of my favourite Christmas products up this time - what are you favourite Christmas Lush items? Have you tried anything new from the collection?

I think Snow Fairy has become a very iconic Lush product over the past few Years - it is definitely a product that most beauty lovers are aware of when Lush release their Christmas range. I really hope they never discontinue it - I personally like the fact it is a Christmas time only product - it makes it a lot more special when you get your hands on it! The Snow Fairy Shower Gel has an extremely sweet scent which is almost indescribable. It smells like a mix of candy floss and all things sweet - it smells amazing and makes a perfect bath or shower for me.

The Butterbear Bath Bomb is another firm favourite of mine. Butterbear is vanilla scented, and has a softening cocoa butter to ensure the bath is perfect for pampering and good for the skin. Not only that, it is incredibly inexpensive too, costing only £1.95 each. If you like a simple, calm and soothing bath, and don't fancy a lot of glitter or floral pieces in your bath - this may be the one for you. This bath bomb reminds me a lot of the Butter Ball Bath Bomb but it just a lot cheaper in price. Who can resist this cute little bear?!


  1. The butter bear has to be one of my favourite Lush products ever. Smells so nice and your skin after is amazing!!

  2. I got the butter bear too! Thought I would try it out!

    Lovely blogpost!

    Francesca xx

  3. Damn I wish I had a bath to try all these amazing sounding bath bombs! I bought The Comforter shower cream as my first ever Lush purchase recently and LOVED it so I can't wait to try this one x

  4. This is such a perfect post, couldn't agree with you more on everyone's never ending love for Snow Fairy! (We all pray it will exist forever, ha!) x