Saturday, 31 October 2015

New Balance Me Protect and Shine Conditioner

I've been looking back at old blog posts recently, and I noticed how much I have wrote about conditioner - it seems to be something I buy quite frequently, and I definitely know what I do and don't like in a conditioner. Who would have thought an average, every - day item would be something I enjoy writing about so much?! I'm not really sure why I am a little fussy with the conditioner I use in my hair, it may have something to do with having sensitive skin and oily hair - I want a conditioner that doesn't irritate my scalp and leaves my hair feeling super soft and in good condition.

Balance Me are a brand I started using just a few Years ago, and pretty much everything I have tried from them has worked perfectly for me. Balance Me products are made from natural ingredients which is ideal if you suffer from very sensitive skin as natural beauty products may be able to help as they do not contain nasty ingredients and chemicals which are found in a lot of beauty products.

This conditioner helps to give my hair that boost and leaves it feeling a lot more strong and not quite as lank and weak as it usually feels. My hair is damaged from dyeing and using hair tools etc, so a good protecting conditioner really seems to make the difference in not only the appearance of my hair, but also the condition.
Something I wasn't expecting from this conditioner is that it smells really good, even my family have commented on it smelling quite fruity. Overall I am happy with the product and am looking at all of the brands other hair products now too!

You can buy the Balance Me Protect and Shine Conditioner online here from Mypure for £10 *currently £8.50*

*PR Sample*

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