Friday, 24 July 2015

Isle Of Wolf Natural Perfumed Candle - Cinnamon Spice

If you are a long - time reader of my blog, it will be of no surprise to you that I am reviewing another candle today. I love burning candles - I know it seems to be a bit of a blogger trend but I honestly find it really relaxing and can't remember a time in my adult life that I haven't loved a good candle.

I have been burning a candle by the brand Isle Of Wolf recently - a brand that I was unfamiliar with but had heard only good things about. Isle Of Wolf make handmade candles, which are made from 100% pure plant wax and are scented with 100% natural essential oils. As the soy wax is GMO free and the wick is lead free, Isle Of Wolf claim that this 'makes a very clean and long lasting burn whilst still emitting a delicate fragrance'.

The scent I opted for was Cinnamon Spice - I know this is often seen as a Autumn/Winter scent, but I just adore the scent of cinnamon all Year round.
The packaging of the candle is very appealing - the box would make it a great gift to give to a friend or relative. Each candle comes fitted with a heatproof and scratch proof coaster, which is really thoughtful and handy.

I found the scent to be simply stunning - it is difficult to describe scents but it is quite a strong and non-synthetic smell. It made my bedroom smell very homely and inviting, a scent I would definitely choose again. I love spicy and woody scents, so this was right up my street.
The burn time for this candle is 40 hours, which I find really impressive. The candle did burn incredibly even and clean, which meant barely any waste at all.
The Isle Of Wolf Candle in Cinnamon Spice is available at Mypure online here for £20.

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