Monday, 23 February 2015

Top Three: Fashion Stores

It has been a while since I sat down and wrote about fashion on this here blog. I have missed it to be honest, so I thought I would come back with a post dedicated to my top three fashion stores. What are yours?

New Look
I always seem to find something I like in New Look. I am a big fan of their jeans; they actually fit my little 5'1 frame which is a pretty big achievement for me. - jean shopping is usually a difficult task. In-fact, a lot of my wardrobe is from New Look. I love their handbags, and I am a big fan of their socks - random I know, but they are so affordable and often on offer. New Look are great as they are affordable, meaning we are able to keep up-to-date with the fashion trends and styles. 
There is always a lot of variety in New Look too, and I love that they have a petite range.
 I think the prices are very reasonable in New Look, and I am usually always impressed with the quality of their products. Their delivery is pretty standard, but I have never had any problems with them which is good. I always receive really good customer service in their stores too; I have found staff to be really helpful and friendly in my experience. 

Anyone that knows me very well knows that Accessorize is my first stop for jewellery. I absolutely adore their range of jewellery and other accessories. I have so many bits and pieces from the store I could open up my own shop! I love that they sell an array of different styles of jewellery as I think there is a big variety for different tastes. I have always found the wuality of their products really good - I have never had any jewellery break and the scarfs are so soft. My local store is really small but that doesn't stop me having a good browse. Staff in my local store are always really chatty which something I like when I am shopping - its really nice to acknowledged as a customer and it is something that does make me return.

Dorothy Perkins
I have shopped at Dotty P's for Years now, it is 'that' store I head to if I need to get something in particular - a party to go to? Outfit sorted at Dorothy Perkins. They have quite a big section of their store dedicated to the petite range which I love as it fits me perfectly. I am big fan of their dresses as they wash really well and are usually quite reasonable for the money. I absolutely love the jewellery from Dorothy Perkins, particularly the statement necklaces as they look so much more expensive than what they are. I have surprisingly never ordered online with Dorothy Perkins as my local store always has such a huge variety or clothes, and always seem to have size options available in store.

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  1. I remember when I was a teen, New Look (relatively new) was a bit uncool though I always found some nice things in there I kept and wore for ages, but it's hugely popular now and they have some great pieces. Dotty Perks, I am a relative newcomer to.x