Sunday, 15 February 2015

All Snuggled Up: A Wishlist for the Duvet Days

I have become quite the fan of snugly dressing-gowns, thick jumpers, cosy socks and the sort in the past few Months. There is nothing more I enjoy than to relax and get in my comfies at the end of the day or to chill in on my Day off. A big cup of tea and a trashy TV show has become so appealing to me now, too. I have been buying some new pyjamas recently, 'cause we all love that new pyjama feeling don't we?! Here are some other cosy bits I have my eye on... 

I love cushions, the more the better for me to relax, and this cute little guy is the sweetest little cushion I ever did see! He definitely wont go with the decor in my bedroom but he looks adorable. 
I had to include something cow related, because I love them! Cows have been my favourite animal for as long as I remember, so of-course these slippers just screamed out at me!
The spotty PJ bottoms look really comfortable but also very sweet. I love anything spotty and these are just adorable. I love loose lounge pyjama bottoms like these. This sparkly jumper from Warehouse is gorgeous, its actually really inexpensive for Warehouse costing just £15. I am loving this cute short set from Inspire at New Look. I love the floral pattern, it looks so comfy and I am in need of some pj shorts I can change into to sleep in when it gets a little warmer.

What is your favourite cosy clothing item?


  1. That hedgehog cushion is so cute.
    I love joggers for lounging around in, they are just so comfy.
    Rubi | The Den |

  2. Love those slippers!! The cushion is really cool too.
    Pyjamas are my favourite!