Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Natural Fragrance for Spring

Since I started writing my blog back in 2011, I have tried a fair amount of beauty products made with just natural ingredients. I will be completely honest - without beauty blogging, I probably wouldn't have heard of half of the natural beauty brands I use so frequently now, and I would have been seriously missing out. Its great to use products made from natural ingredients, as I have noticed over the Years that my skin has become very sensitive to certain ingredients often found in your average skin and body care products. I have sensitive skin, so sometimes certain shampoo, body wash and perfume can cause a lot of irritation. Since using products which are made with natural ingredients, I have found that these products work much better for my skin. 
A brand I have tried a handful of products from is Acorelle; a French organic beauty brand which specialise in skin and body care. 

Finding a nice fragrance without testing it first is often a difficult task, but I picked well with choosing Acorelle's Citrus Infusion EDP. It is refreshing and light, perfect for a day time fragrance and a great match for the Spring and Summer Months.

The notes in this fragrance are; petitgrain, litsea, cedar, neroli, mandarin, bergamot, armoise, cut grass accord and clary sage, which together are aimed to create a calming and relaxing experience. The scent is very fresh and uplifting, and also quite a mature day scent is how I would describe it. Of-course, fragrances are very difficult to describe with just words as unfortunately there is no such thing as smell-o-vision (yet!) but I definitely think that its a very citrus-meets-a-dash-of-floral type of scent. If you like sweet and fruity fragrances, this isn't for you. 
The scent lasts quite well, I would say it lasts around 3 hours on the skin. I am impressed that the fragrance hasn't caused me any irritation, and I haven't had any problems with blemishes on my neck or chest which is always a good sign. 
The packaging is very appealing and sweet, I like the simplicity of the bottle, it is appealing to the eye and sits pretty at my dressing table. It has made a great addition to my perfume collection; it isn't a scent I would normally go for as I usually opt for sickly sweet perfumes, so it makes a nice change to switch it up a little and wear a perfume that uplifts my mood throughout the day. 
Acorelle Citrus Infusion EDP * is available to buy from My Pure online for £30

*This post contains a PR Sample. All views are my own*

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