Friday, 26 September 2014

I'm Prepping for Christmas!

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I know, I know - I said the C word and its only September. I am one of those people.

I have started my Christmas gift shopping already (please do not hate me!) mainly because I really don't have time to shop come November - December. I aim to get the majority of it finished before November this year. I have been planning my Christmas shopping by making about five different lists - things I've seen and want to get for people, random ideas, how much I need to spend per person, etc etc. I find writing lists really useful to keep on track of what I have already bought. I don't know if any of you guys do this, but I know when I Christmas shop last minute I tend to worry I haven't bought 'enough' or if the gift looks too small - silly I know, as we all know its the thought that matters. I find if I am well prepared I will be happier with what I have chosen to gift my family and friends. 

I have also been picking up a few little food and drink bits to put away for Christmas. I know this sounds crazy - but I hate the big Christmas food shop - everything is so expensive and it is so busy during December, so I have been buying a few treat things to put away for that time; ensuring everything is in good date of-course! I've also brought all of my family Christmas cards already. Please don't hate me!
I am planning to post some gift idea blog posts like I have done in previous years. I really enjoy compiling them, and I love reading blog posts to find inspiration for gifts. I may also share some festive recipes and gift wrap ideas - let me know if you're interested in reading those kind of posts.

Are any of you eager beavers like me? 

Here are a few links for websites I have found great for Christmas gifts. I have linked their Christmas Gift pages in the links so it will take you straight to the page.

Perfect for their great value 3 for 2 gifts.

They have some gorgeous beauty and skin care sets in this year.

One of my favourite online stores, they have a huge variety of lovely, unique and personalized gifts for Christmas. 

The Works is great for random gifts and some great books - and it is so inexpensive too.

My first stop for fragrance, clothing and beauty gifts. 

I love this site for its quirky and unique gift ideas.

They have everything from gifts to furnishings.

Great for those little stocking fillers we all love to buy.

Probably the best place to pick up some sweet treats for the Festive Season. I love the Snow Dog Chocolate Figure!


  1. I'm also prepping for Christmas at the moment, I feel like it's like a marathon, if you don't do some training on the run-up then you'll fall flat on your face haha! x

    Beauty She Wrote..

  2. Great post. I am super excited for christmas! and I am not afraid to say it!