Monday, 22 September 2014


Acorelle is a body and fragrance brand which specializes in using only natural ingredients. This Month I feature two of their products, whcih I have used together. I am reviewing the Sugar Wax Roll - On, and I previously featured the Body Scrub.

Sugar Wax Roll-On - How Does it Work?

I was really intrigued to try this concept of waxing. The concept is pretty simple, and easy to do once you get the hang of it. To use, I simply exfoliated my skin the day before (I suggest using Acorelles Body Scrub - review here) before you get started. I then popped the wax into the microwave for only 15 seconds, ensuring all caps are taken off beforehand. I then waited a few minutes to ensure the wax has cooled down, before using the roll on to apply the wax onto the area of hair I wished to wax. I used quite a fair amount of product to ensure it covered the area of skin. I then fitted a strip (which is provided in the kit) ontop of the waxed area, applied pressure and pulled off the strip in the direction opposing hair growth. It was quite an easy and straight - forward technique once I got the hand of it. it is quite tricky on the first attempt, but I think as-long as you follow the instructions properly you will be fine.

The results were quite good. The product removed most of the hair in the areas which I waxed. The process wasn't too painful but it did pinch a little. The only thing I would say is that the sugar wax doesn't go far and you do need to use a lot on an area for it to remove the hair.

Of course - I do suggest you read the instructions provided with the product before using the kit yourself and to not just take my advice. You must be very careful using this product and maybe test it before you use it properly in-case your skin reacts to it. I must clarify I am no expert and I do recommend you read all the information provided with the product before you use on your own skin. 

The Acorelle Sugar Wax Roll - On Wax with strips is available from MyPure for a reasonable price of £12.49. I suggest using Acorelle's Body Scrub (you read my full review here) before using the wax for a great application to ensure of any dead skin cells are removed before waxing.

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