Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Perfect Gift for Technophobe Dads: Fathers Day Gift Idea

The Perfect Retro Gift for Technophobe Dads 

This is another addition to my Fathers Day Gift Ideas. This is an ideal gift for a Dad or Grandad who maybe needs an easy to use mobile, or even a second phone just - in case. The Samsung E1200 sounds super straight forward to use, and is a reliable phone which wont run out of battery within 5 minutes!  Read below to hear more of its features and where it is available for, for just £5!

Struggling with the same old socks or aftershave dilemma this Father’s Day? Fear not, the Samsung E1200 from  
is offering the ultimate gift to bring dad or grandad into the 21st century.
The Samsung E1200 is available on Pay As You Go (PAYG) for just £5 (when you top up £10 credit) on Virgin. Its simple to use interface and reliable battery power will mean your dad is never out of touch again, or has a back-up if his goes walkabout.
And with games, organizer, calculator and clock, he’ll be organised and entertained on the go.


Product details 
Name: Samsung E1200
Network: Virgin - PAYG
Price: £5
Top up required: £10
Delivery: Free
Colours available: Black

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