Sunday, 22 June 2014

Goals for 2014 - An Update

At the beginning on 2014 I wrote a post sharing my 3 aims or 'goals' for me to achieve in 2014.  As it is now half way through the year (how fast has that gone though, really?!) I thought I would share my updates with you all, as well as documenting these goals on my blog.

1. Lose weight. I have to be honest in admitting this goal has been a very difficult task for me so far this year. I started with good intentions, but they quickly faded and I began eating rubbish again. I have been on and off diets for the entire 6 Months of this year. I definitely need to get back on track and focus if I want to shift some weight before next Christmas. If you have suggestions or tips please do share them in the comments below, as I am really struggling to stay motivated.

2. Pass my driving test. Well - I am half way there! This year saw me pass my Theory test which I am super happy about - I am awful at exams and a complete stress head so I am really pleased I have passed. I haven't yet booked my driving test but am nervous just thinking about it. I still aim to pass my test by the end of the year, I just need to become a little more confident in my own abilities!

3. Be more confident and try new things. I feel I have tried a lot of new things so far this year, they may only be small little things but I am really happy to have done therm. I have written for an established website which I am really proud of, and have also had an article printed in Base Magazine, which is a bloggers magazine. I never thought I would be capable of writing for anything like that. I still would love to join a group or try a new hobby, maybe joining a Slimming World group could tick off two of my goals for the Year?

I would love to hear your progress on any goals or resolutions you made for 2014? 

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