Saturday, 19 April 2014

Top 3 Red Lipsticks

A classic red lip never goes out of style. A red lipstick always looks iconic and classy to me, so today I thought I would share with you my top three favourite red lipsticks. I tend to stick to a bright, bold red as I feel it suits my skin tone much better than a dark red. 
I am a big fan of Mac Lipsticks, so I have opted for Mac's Mac Red as my first favourite lipstick. It is super pigmented and doesn't smudge. I love how moisturizing it feels on the lips. It lasts quite well throughout the day and the colour pay off is fantastic. I blogged about this lipstick back in February; the review can be found here.
Another beautiful red lip comes in the form of Yves Rocher's Grande Rouge Lipstick in Sweet Red.* This is a slightly muted red compared to Mac's Red, but still a bold red. It is slightly blue toned and applies matte onto the lips, with a slight shimmer. I love how moisturizing this lipstick is and it has a great staying power. I have previously reviewed this lipstick in full, if you would like to take a peek the link is here.
A new favourite red lip is Loreal's Color Riche Lipstick in Scarlett Creme. It screams Marilyn Monroe to me and I love the sheen to it. It feels soft and glossy on the lips, but feels matte and doesn't smudge or need a lot of reapplying through the day. 

Have you got a favourite red lipstick?


  1. Ah what lovely lipsticks! I do love MAC Ruby Woo, though it can be very drying! I'm definitely going to swatch Mac Red! x

  2. Great post Zoe! I really love the YSL one! xo

  3. awesome shades there! once in a while I'd love to wear bright red lipstick when i'm particularly feeling like colours!

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    AL xx
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  4. Ooh I've never heard of Yves Rocher before, I'll definitely have to check it out!
    I'm always looking for new lipsticks and I think the colour of the L'oreal one has swayed me :')
    Great post! xoxoxo

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  5. We love a good red lip!! Our favourite of your picks has to be the Yves Rocher lippie. We love the muted red, almost pick shade. Kate Moss' collection for Rimmel has an amazing range of reds if you're ever looking for an affordable alternative!