Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ray Quin launches MiSmile at Birmingham

Recently the lovely Dancing On Ice star Ray Quin  launches MiSmile in my local area of Birmingham. 
Dr Sandeep Kumar has launched his new venture of MiSmile, which is his new clinic that creates an invisible brace treatment. This is the UK's first Invisalign only treatment, so it is very exciting. I really do wish this was around when I was younger as I wore braces, and I would have much preferred them to not be visible. I can really see the benefits and I am sure there will be a lot of interest in MiSmile. 

The lovely Ray was given a little Q&A which I found very interesting! 

Q: What five things couldn't you live without from your wash bag?
A: I always take my hair wax, a good deodrant and a selection of aftershaves, because I can never decide which is my favourite. At the moment I'm loving Creed, Jo Malone, Pomegranite Noir, and Tom Ford.

Q: What makes you smile most about Birmingham?
A: Oh thats easy! The people in Birmingham are so warm and friendly, it reminds me of home.

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