Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Soap and Glory Heel Genius

Soap and Glory
Heel Genius Foot Cream

Soap and Glory Heel Genius, £5.50 from Boots

Foot Cream. What an interesting subject to blog about.
I hadn't realised up until recently that I use a huge amount of body lotions to make my skin feel extra nice... but I don't tend to look after my feet. I had this 'Heel Genis Foot Cream' a few years ago, but I think gave up on it and it got donated to a charity shop as I didn't use it. I rwecieved another one in one of their gift sets at Christmas, but neglected it until I had a good sort out a few weeks ago.

This foot cream is a 'soak in foot mask marvel' which you leave on your feet through the night, wearing cotton socks on your feet so it doesn't go all over your sheets. Soap and Glory say it leaves your feet feeling smooth and soft. I agree, it does make them feel soft. Am I kind of missing the point here? I haven't found that by using this foot cream helps my feet any better than a normal body moisturiser would. I have dry feet as I am on to go a lot. I expected a bit more from this, as Soap and Glory are a fab brand and the majority of their products leave me with fab results. I just dont think this really made much difference for me. I think it smells lovely just like many of their produts but I don't find it to be a miracle product and I doubt I would repurchase it in future.
Have you tried this? What is your verdict?

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  1. This sounds amazing will have to add to the Christmas List ;D <3