Thursday, 10 October 2013

YVES ROCHER Lipstick in Sweet Red

YVES ROCHER Grand Rouge Lipstick in Sweet Red*

YVES ROCHER is a brand I had heard a little about but was unfamilar with.
The lipstick I will briefly be discussing today is this Grand Rouge Lipstick, aptly named 'Sweet Red'.
As you can see from the above photograph, the packaging looks very high end in its classic rose gold bullet, simple yet looks very fancy.
The colour is a bright red, I would say quite a blue toned red which is very wearable for me in the day time, compared to some darker reds I just wouldn't have the courage to wear.
The texture on the lips is very creamy and is quite moisturising.
The lipstick costs £19, which sounds expensive - but the quality of the lipstick is fantastic as it lasts all day. It doesn't even feel like you are wearing anything on your lips as it is soft and moisturising.
Unfortunately, having taking this photograph of this product back in May, I did not photograph swatches of the product and am now unable to do so without a camera which has since broke. I hope you understand, sorry about that!
I am sure you can see just how gorgeous the colour is on the photograph though.
You can see all of the other Grand Rouge Lipsticks on YVES ROCHER wesbite here.

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  1. Such a gorgeous case! It looks stunning and stands out in a sea of boring lipstick tubes :)

    Love Zoe x