Thursday, 24 October 2013

Headmasters Heat Defence Serum

Headmasters Miracle Protect Salon Experts 
Heat Defence Serum*

"Actively reduces breakage, reduce blow-dry time and sheild hair from heat damage whilst sealing your style. Concentrated vitamin E promotes healthy, beautiful condition, leaving your hair super shiny, silky soft & frizz-free."

I don't know about you, but I am constantly using heat on my hair. I always blow dry my hair and have a constant battle with my straighteners on a Morning to get a sleek and smooth finish. I hate to think how damaged my hair is right now, infact just looking at my split ends and how frazzled it always looks makes me more than annoyed with the state it is in.
Heat defence products are something that I know I should use, but I don't all that often use them. I have used many heat defence sprays in the past; with little to none actually working and protecting my hair from heat from flat irons and hair dryers. I have been giving this heat defence serum by Headmasters a go for the past 2 Months and I thought I would share the results with you.
You use this product before applying heat to the hair, it really does reduce blow drying time, I am not sure how but it works. The product does feel a little thick so I try not to apply too much. It leaves my hair looking that little softer, smoother and sleek. I wouldn't say its the best heat defence product out there as it is not, but it leaves my hair feeling a lot less frizzy and a little more easier to tame.
This product is available in all Headmasters Salons at the price of £5.99.

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