Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Empties

January Empties

A random bunch of empty products as usual!
Rubbish quality iPod photographs again... blame my camera playing up :-(

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shampoo For Dry Hair

This was nothing to write home about, just a cheap shampoo to get me through the month really! I would probably buy it again, it is isn't my first choice though!

Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Conditioner For All Hair Types

This is a really great brand you can pick up for really cheap in the pound shops! It leaves my hair feeling quite soft, and I adore the smell of coconut so its a win-win for me really!

Monsoon Moisturising Body Lotion

It is not often I feature products I don't like, but I used this product up this month and I really did detest it! I couldn't wait to finish it. I didn't find it moisturising at all, and the scent of it was way too over powering and just didn't smell nice at all it semlt a little like when you were younger and you mixed loads of strong perfumes together, if that makes sense? I definitely wont be using this again. 

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter (50 ml)

I love this body butter, I had forgotten I had it due to trying to use up all f my Soap and Glory body butters! I finished it off this month, I would recommend these body butters to everyone, they are very moisturising and the scents are gorgeous, especially this one, although I would say that as I am huge fan of coconut!

Baylis and Harding Beauticoligy Sweet Gingerbread Body Wash

I liked this product. It smelt like cheap gingerbread which I love and was a very festive scent. This was part of a Christmas Gift Set so it is no longer available, although I wouldn't mind using it again.

Double Dip Lip Balm

I am on a mission this year to finish a lot of my lip balms and stop hoarding them! I used this up in about a month and a half, it was nice and smelt nice, an average lip balm really. I wont be buying it again though as I find Nivea lip balms to be much more helpful for my chapped lips.

Sanctuary Body Scrub

This is my favourite Sanctuary product, it smells amazing, the beads in the scrub are great when exfoliating and it is probably one of my holy grail bath and body products. I have another tube of this from the bargain gift set I talked about here

Persian Jewel Bath Foam 

This is a bit of a random product, I received it for Christmas, and had never heard of the brand or anything about it before. It was a good bubble bath, the consistancy was a little like jelly which isn't my favourite thing, but once foamed up in the bath it was lovely. It smelt just like passion - fruit. 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume (5 ml) 

I absolutely adore this perfume, it smells very girl-y and floral and lasts well, I love this little 5 ml pot of perfume you got free in the gift set, too! I cheekily bought two T.S perfume gift sets in the sale, so I have another one of these to use up too! I would recommend this perfume if you like sweet and girl-y scents.

Versace Perfume Sample

It doesn't state the perfumes name on this little vaporizer  but it smelt very mature and quite strong, but wasn't over - powerful. I received this from a give away from the lovely Gemma

Impulise Temptation Vanilla and Peach

I picked this up just after Christmas, seeing it was new I really wanted to try it. It smells GORGEOUS!! I loved it. It smelt exactly of peach, lasted a good few hours and did the job. 

So..? Fab Body Spray

This is a common repurchase of mine, and I am pretty sure it has featured in my Empties posts quite a good few times! I just really adore the sweet sugary scent, it smells just like sweets!

Another thing I used up this month which I didn't photograph was an MUA clear mascara, as I had been using it to set my eye brows about a year ago and completely forgot about it, found it out last week and obviously chucked it! I have never used it as a mascara, but I would not recommend it to set your eye brows, as it just never worked for me. 

What have you used up this month?


  1. I looove the coconut body butter! It's one of my favorites! :))


  2. We have some similar taste. I too forget what I have and I need to use it up.
    Wanted to let u know of my coach giveaway. Cute blog!

    1. i entered hun, following you now :)

      i have so much stuff unused its mad hehe :) x

  3. oh i defs need to stop hoarding those lip balms too!
    great post and so many empties!
    you could do the project 20 pan or something really easily at this rate :)

    xo; L&M

    1. hehe glad there is another lip balm hoarder :)
      thanks lovely, great suggestion thank you :) xx

  4. you used up a lot of stuff! i still have that gingerbread shower gel to use :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

    1. its lovely, really sweet scented :)
      yeah sure hun :) x