Saturday, 9 February 2013

30 Facts About Me.

30 random facts about me 

1. I drink over 15 cups of tea/coffee every day. I cannot cope without caffeine!

2. I have been with my partner for two and half years.
3. I used to dress quite chavvy and when I look at old photos, I cant believe it was me and how I looked.

4. I over-think every situation I can imagine.
5. My favourite animals are cows and have a huge collection of cuddly cows that live on my bed.

6. The only television channel I tend to watch is BBC3.
7. I suffer from insomnia and depression.

8. I keep every card anyone has ever sent to me.
9. Blogging is one of my favourite pass times.
10. I have been learning to drive for years but still haven't passed my test.
11. I feel like a failure 90 % of the time.
12. I am a very sentimental person. If someone gives me something, I will keep it forever.

13. Eye liner is my holy grail make up item.
14. I adore Pink, Taylor Swift and Cheryl Cole. My favourite artist is Charlie Simpson.

15. My biggest idol is my Dad.
16. My favourite treat to eat is frozen yoghurt and I adore Yoo Moo, but gutted there isn't a stand in Birmingham.

17. My favourite show is Family Guy. I have all of the seasons on DVD and guarantee I watch it every night.
18. I wish I was more thrifty.
19. I try really hard to be independent and not rely on anyone else.

20. My favourite meal is chilli con carne and would happily eat it every day of my life if I could.
21. I am not fashionable at all, in fact I wear some pretty strange outfits that look good in my head but turn out to look a bit thrown together.

22. I used to change my hair colour a lot, and have had various hair colours from the age of 13. I wish I had the confidence to dye it now!
23. I graduated from University last year but still have no idea what to do with my life.

24. I love inspirational quotes and sayings.

25. I am really close to my sister.
26. I had braces as a teenager and absolutely despised them. I am grateful now for having straight teeth.

27. I love wearing beret hats because they don't make my huge head look any bigger.
28. My favourite film is Beauty and The Beast.

29.I rarely see my friends due to lack of time and distance, but it makes me appreciate them much more when I do see them. They spoiled me on my 21st birthday and I am so lucky to have such lovely friends.

30. I really struggled with writing this as there really is nothing interesting about me!


  1. Lovely post!

    You should try pink berry frozen yoghurt! It's amazing! I actually prefer it to yoo moo, now.

    Congrats on graduating last year, it is sooo hard to k ow what you want to do!

    Kimberley x


    1. ohh i have heard lots about pink berry! it sounds amazing, will definitely have to try it in town soon!
      thanks hun, it definitely is, i wish the time didn't go so fast it is scary being an 'adult' making career decisions hehe :) xx

  2. haha i like that mug! this made me smile :) great post <3 <3

    1. aww thanks lovely :) my friend bought it me for my birthday, its so fitting :)

      thank you :) xx