Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Post Christmas Sales Haul

Hey lovely, hope you are doing alright!
As most of you know I am a self - confessed sales obsessive. If there is a sale I HAVE to be there. I need every deal going haha. I;ve got to be honest with you though, the sales this year were so disappointing. I was all geared up ready to go Boxing Day sales shopping, excited to get some bargains (does it make me sad that I get excited about this? Thought so.) but everywhere I went there was either nothing I liked, the things I wanted were out of stock and already gone and I didn't really think anything decent were reduced much this year.

I did pick up a very small handful of things though, a very random bunch of bits and although I like everything I have bought I did expect to be coming home Boxing Day and the following few days with heaps and heaps of bags of new bits. But alas, I shall show you now the little bits I did pick up:

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Gift Set
Was £20, now £13.30, Boots
I was after this for ages but never got around to getting it. It was originally £20 for this set which is a bargain in its self as it is £20 with the 30ml perfume alone. I got this in the sale at Boots for a really random price, I think it was £13.30 or something like that. It smells just what you would imagine!
 - Since buying this I went back today and picked another up - as it is currently half price in Boots making it £10 for the whole set! I knwo it is greedy I just couldn't say no at such a good deal! I think they are unavailable online but if you are after it have a look in your local Boots :)

Taylor Swift - Red CD
Was £10 now £7, HMV
A theme going on around here! Not a lot of people know but I adore country music and I really like Taylor Swift as I think she puts a great modern spin on the kind of music I like. This was reduced to £7 in HMV so I though 'why not?'. 

Black and gold beret 
Was £5 now £2.50, Tesco
This is one of those really random things I seem to pick up all the time. I think beret's or hats very simlar to berets are the only hats that suit me so I sortof live in them when I am havng a bad hair day or the weathers bad. I just like the way they sit on your head really. I saw this one half price and thought it was really cute so brought it.

Sheer Sanctaury Indulgence
Was £40, now £10, Boots
I was eyeing this up pre-Christmas as I adore Sanctuary products but couldn't justify spending £40 on myself. I knew I was already receiving the big Soap and Glory Gift Set as a gift for Christmas, so didn't ask for this one and decided to wait until after Christmas and pick it up in the sales. I am glad I did! I decided not to buy it at half price on Boxing Day as I didn't want to carry it home (haha) but waited until a day I had a lift home. It was reduced by 75% and was an absolute steal at £10! I includes 8 products, the box and also a shower cap.  All of the products bar 2 are full sized so a massive saving!

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Varnish in 35 Dynasty
£1, Poundland
I know this isn't a sale item but thought I would include it anyway as it was an absolute steal and was really suprised to see it in Poundland. I know Collection 2000 rebranded and dropped the '2000' but that doesn't bother me! They had quite a few different colours but thought this was pretty and just picked one.

Not much really was it!
What did you pick up from the sales??
Let me know if you have written a post about your sale buys, I would love to see!


  1. Great haul! Taylor swifts album is really good, I've been listening to it non stop:) xxx

  2. love the colour of that nail varnish! :)
    Love poppy xx