Thursday, 31 January 2013

A little chit chat about January

Today I've been in one of those really reflective moods just thinking about all sorts of things, and I had already planned to write a beauty blog post today,  but I just wasn't feeling 'in the zone' to write about it and fancied a little ramble instead.

I can not believe we are already at the end of January 2013. Its crazy that Christmas was a whole month ago now. I am the most annoying person ever for saying this constantly, but I seriously do not know how time goes so fast these days! I think its because I've finished Uni a good 8 months ago now and time just seems to go by so quickly. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing?!

January has seen a lot of one very irritating thing - Snow. It would be beautiful if I could sit at home all day and look out my window and let my heart melt at how stunning snow makes trees look. I really haven't got the time of day for it when I have to walk to and from work in the sludge and nearly go flying - I can never style it out properly either, and I always seem to 'almost slip' when loads of people are near by - seriously, not cool. 

January always makes me quite gloomy as Christmas is all over and another year is upon us. I haven't really stuck to many resolutions I made appart from one or two (tut tut) and I feel pretty awful about it if I am honest. I just need to get into a really positive frame of mind!

This month also saw me attend my first Blogger Meet Up. It was located in Birmingham and was such a great day and so very. very well organised. It has put me in the mood to go to loads more now! It is so nice to meet like minded people and talk blogging. I really want to become more active in the blogging community, it is a great community to be a part of. I just wish there were more events located more Birmingham way! If you know any, do let me know :)

I have also tried my very best this month to see my friends a lot more. It is a new year resolution of mine. This task may be really simple for some; me and my friends just don't have the time to see each other every fortnight any more, we all seem to lead very busy lives! I am trying really hard this year (so far, so good) to try and see my pals at every given opportunity, though. So far this month, I have spent every weekend meeting and catching up with different groups of friends which has been brilliant! I finally travelled down to Stratford to visit my friend that moved in November. I think anyone that doesn't live close to their friends or who doesn't have the time to see their friends as often as they would like would agree with me that it can be hard - but I am so, so grateful I have friends that even with a lot of miles and hectic timetables between us, I know they are always there on the other end of the phone. (Wow, bit emosh there zo!) I just hope I can keep to my resolution and try and make a lot more time for friends.

This month has seen me buy WAY too much make up and things I definitely do not need. I had to indulge in the MUA 50% sale online (although I do feel pretty guilty given I received a whole load of make up for Christmas) but a girl can never have too much make up right? i am secretly kicking myself cause just two months ago I sorted through all of my make up and was really harsh on myself and gutted SO MUCH STUFF. And now I have gone and bought more and more. I need more space for it all and have no idea how to store it.

In terms of diet, this month has definitely been a disaster. I have overeat way too much Christmas left overs, boxes of chocolate, then pigged out when eating out (my worst culprit). Pizza Hut, Take Aways, Curry Houses, TGI Friday's, KFC!  I definitely need to get back into the swing of things with food and I really need to go back to fitness classes, like I promised I would back in October time. 

How has January been for you?

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