Thursday, 24 January 2013

Favourite Products of 2012

Sorry this post is up a lot later than I wanted it to be. Here are just a handful of my favourite products of 2012!


Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner Range 
(Luxurious Moisture, Moisturise and Salon Silk pictured above)
Throughout the year, this brand is my most purchased for shampoo and conditioner. It is reasonably priced in my opinion for a product which gives my hair a lovely shine and gloss after washing, and keeps it looking healthy. Tresemme is my go-to brand when it comes to washing my hair, as I do feel it leaves my hair with that 'just-come-back-from-the-salon' shine to it.

Mark Hill Beach To Bar Dry Shampoo
I think this is by far the best dry shampoo I have used in 2012. I only found it during early Summer and had to stock up as it is a 'holiday' product and off course is only available over these seasons. I really love it, it smells nice, doesn't leave marks in my hair like most dry shampoo's seem to, and it makes my hair feel more fresh, not just look cleaner. I think this is because this particular dry shampoo is targeted at being used during a Summer holiday and to prevent greasy looking locks from the chlorine and the sun bleaching the hair. I hope Mark Hill brings out the same line next Summer or something similar as I loved this product.


The Breakfast Scrub, Soap and Glory
2012 saw me go through plenty of tubs of this beauty. It is an amazing exfoliator and smells like perfection. It is probably my favourite product by Soap and Glory and is definitely my favourite exfoliating scrub. The scent lasts ages on your skin too.

Space Girl Bath Ballistic, Lush
This is my all time favourite bath bomb of this year. I have brought it so many times, mainly as it is one of the cheapest but also because it makes my bath look and smell gorgeous. It is a really popular ballistic from Lush and reminds me of sleepovers and girl-y parties cause it smells just of that- girliness! It makes your bath look super pretty too.


MaxFactor Lipstick Colour Elixir in 610 Angel Pink

I absolutely adored this lipstick this year. I have repurchased it twice now, it gives the perfect 'barbie pink' lip and lasts all day. I reviewed this product in more detail here. I was torn between this lipstick and a Rimmel London Kate Moss Lippie, but this won as it lasts just that bit longer on the lips. I would recommend this line of lipsticks as it feels so moisturising on the lips and doesn't bleed at all throughout the day.

Sleek iDivine Au Naturel Palette
This is by far my most used eye shadow palette of the year. I adore all of the colours and they are ALL wearable for every day. The shades I especially adore are Mineral Earth and Taupe. I prefer this palette to any other palette I have used throughout the year as it is the one I use the majority of the time. These shadpws are so beautifully blended out and I feel that the quality is really great for the price.

No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colours in Vivid Violet and Sing The Blues
It is by no coincidence that both nail polishes (which are my ultimate favourites of 2012) are both by No 7. As a brand, I think their product quality is astounding for quite a low end 'Drugstore's own brand. I adore both of these as they are gorgeous colours, I have worn both throughout all four seasons this year and think they look great in any season, and they do not chip for at least 5 days which is pretty amazing for a £5.50 nail polish.  

What are your favourite products of 2012?


  1. I loved Tresemme luxurious moisture conditioner, it's so good! xx

    1. i love it too! hair feels so soft after use :) xx

  2. I'm desperately trying to use up some hair products so that I can give some more TRESemme ones a go! I love their heat defense spray but I hope I love their shampoos as much!
    I'm a huge fan of No7 nail varnishes recently too :)
    Found your blog via bbloggers blog hop!
    N xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

    1. thanks hunni, off to follow you now :)

      ahh i havent used their heat defense spray in years but it is a good one! :D xx