Thursday, 6 December 2012

Xmas: The 'Don't Forget!' Edition

Hello lovelies, here is another post of my series of 'The Xmas Shopping Guide'. Today's edition will be looking at the bits and pieces you may need to pick up or that you may need to consider and remember over the Christmas period. 

Last UK Post Dates For Christmas 2012:
Make sure your cards/gifts arrive in time for Christmas!

Tuesday 18th December - 2nd Class Delivery
Thursday 20th December - 1st Class Delivery
Saturday 22nd December - Special Delivery 

You can also find a list of the last Christmas post dates for International Airmail and British Air-forces here  on the Royal Mail website. 

Some shopping things to remember...
  • Don't forget to pick up some extra bin bags as I am sure you will have lots of excess packaging to throw away! 
  • Gravy granules, cranberry sauce and tin foil are things we tend to forget until the last minute on Christmas Eve, which means we are rushing around again... think about what you and your family tend to forget and get it early to cross it off the list! 
  • This may be a little late to state and obvious but I am going to write it anyway... buy early to avoid disappointment! And to also avoid arguing over the last frozen turkey with another woman on Christmas Eve...
  • Things our family always seem to forget are BATTERIES! Although we aren't kids any more, we always get a gift every year which needs batteries to be able to use, and we NEVER have any spare at home. Definitely one to pick up before Christmas!
  • Charge your cameras! Every year we always forget to charge the digital cameras meaning missing out taking a few snaps Christmas morning (although I am grateful for this, my morning face isn't pretty).

Closed? Delayed?
Shops will be closed on Christmas day, and a lot of shops will be closed around the Christmas period or not open at normal times. Ensure you have all the essentials (milk, bread, toothpaste) at home already.
The same goes with buses and other forms of public transport. I am unsure if Buses and Trains run on Christmas day (?) but I know that they are known to be less frequent throughout this period, especially on Bank Holidays. If you use public transport, ensure you know the correct times and how frequent they are over this period. If you need to buy train tickets over Xmas, try your best to buy them now as the prices rocket up and up the longer you leave it!

Other things to remember
  • Don't forget that over this time there is a lot of waste, try to recycle bottles, plastic and glass when you can to do your bit and help the environment a little.
  • There a lot of lovely events going on around Christmas time local to you. Christmas light switch ons, Santa's grottos, Christmas Markets, Parties, Pantomimes, much much more I am sure. Be careful and always stay safe lovelies! 
  • If you are wanting / planning to book a venue for a Holiday gathering, do it in advance! Restaurants started taking Christmas bookings as early as July, ensure you book early to avoid dissapointment.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas holiday and stay safe!

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