Monday, 24 December 2012

The Xmas Shopping Guide To Sales Shopping

Hello ladies, I hope you are enjoying all of the festivities and that you are having a brilliant time with your loved ones.
I am a woman of very few talents, but sales shopping, that is my forte! 
Read my guide on how to get the very best from the Christmas sales.

Dress Code?!?
I know you must be thinking, 'are you kidding?!' but I think it is important to dress appropriately and prepare yourself if you are going serious sales hunting!
For me, trainers are a must. Comfy shoes are a basic necessity which everyone should wear when sales shopping. Do not wear heels or brand new shoes, they will ruin both your feet and your mood.
I suggest taking a pair of 'pop socks'/ socks or tights in case you are planning to try on shoes / dresses / skirts. 

Wear comfortable clothes which are easy to slip on and off to try things on, so not too many layers! Wearing something basic (for me, a long, loose tunic and leggings) means you can try on clothes on the shop floor to save you waiting for the fitting rooms. 
Don't wear anything particularly fancy either; new jewellery you received for Christmas may get knocked about in the sales rush.
Take a small over the shoulder bag you can keep over your shoulders without the worry of losing anything. Try only to carry essentials with you! Take out all the usual junk in your handbag, as you don't want to be lugging that around all day.

Prep Time!
Have a bottle of water with you at all times so you don't get dehydrated (and to save waiting in a busy long queue later to get a drink!). Another thing I try to carry is something small to eat like a cereal bar, in-case I get peckish and to avoid finding a table/queuing up for food.
I also find it handy to keep my prefered anti-biotics at hand as I find I get headaches from the bright lights in shopping centres.

A good nights sleep and a proper breakfast before you begin is crucial, as shopping when you are tired and cranky is not fun and will ruin your mood all day.
Its probably a good idea to keep a spare carrier bag with you in-case yours decide to collapse on you in the middle of the shopping centre / highstreet and all your stuff goes flying everywhere...Or even take a 'shoppers bag for life' bag - a canvas floppy bag you can chuck in your handbag which are much stronger than carrier plastic bags.

Obviously its completely up to you who you go with or whether you go alone. Some find it easier to bag a bargain when others aren't distracting them. where as some folk love a helping hand to find a bargain. I personally cant do a serious shop with more than 2 other people with me, and I definitely don't find my OH helpful when it comes to shopping (the moaning of the feet hurting and wandering off every 5 seconds do it for me) so he is left at home.

And shop...
Write a list. This, for me at least, is essential so that I don't go off track. I write one list of all the things I need and then a list of things I have seen and really want. Look in your wardrobe - if you have 20 pairs of jeans but no blouses, don't buy any jeans! I also make a quick note of things I have received for Christmas, for example, if I received 4 bath and shower gel sets, I would make a note of this to ensure I didn't purchase another in the sale. It is also great to list what you received so you can buy things to go with those items, for example you had a new Kindle perhaps? Pick up some accessories for your Kindle in the sales. (does that make any sense? Thought not.).

Don't buy things just 'cause its on offer. I always think, 'if I wouldn't want it at full price, don't buy it if its on sale'. If you wouldn't have wanted the item at full price but are buying it when its reduced, you don't tend to really need or want the item, just buying it cause its cheaper.
Try and set yourself a 'limit' about a price you would be happy to spend, then through out the day, take a small note each time you buy something of how much you spend, so you can keep track of what you have left.
Remember, a bargain isn't a bargain if the item wasn't needed or wanted in the first place.

I read this somewhere but I forget where, but it basically said to stay classic when sales shopping. For example, those bright orange leggings are 80% off for a reason! It is not the time to be overly adventurous with your style, as chances are, the majority of the sales will be full of the rubbish they couldn't sell throughout the year. Shop wisely and when buying clothes, think about when you'd wear it, what you would wear it with and if it suits you.
Check your items before buying! It may be on a size 14 coat hanger (I'm looking at you New Look!) but once you get it home you don't want to find it a size 6!
Also, check zips, buttons and seams to ensure there are no faulty parts of your items :)

Don't be moody with staff or other customers! The staff are so stressed and so busy, the last thing they need is a customer snapping and snarling at them, even if the queue is ridiculously long and you've waited for ages, its post- Christmas- it is to be expected. Don't take your mood out on anyone else - No-one forced you to go shopping. In contrast to that point, don't let people push you around when you are looking at something - you have the exact same right to be there as they have.

I am majorly looking forward to sales shopping post-Christmas (does that make me sad?!) and my first places to visit will definitely be Lush and Boots!
If you would like to see a post on what I pick up from the sales, let me know!

Hope that helps a little bit at least!
Remember to always stay safe :)
Happy sales shopping!
Let me know what you pick up! :)


  1. I never made it to Merry Hill, the thought filled me with dread and I couldn't bear to get out of bed!! I hope you picked up some bargains :)

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