Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Xmas Shopping Guide: The Everyone Else Edition

Hello lovelies. This is the last gift guide post I will be doing now, but be sure to keep on the look out for more Christmas Shopping guides - think party, Christmas dinner and suchlike! (Can you tell I am a crazy Christmas lady yet?)

My top picks for your auntie, grandma, female cousin, friend:
Us ladies are hard to please... usually something pretty to look at and useful to have makes a great present!
My top picks for your uncle, grandad, male cousin, friend:
I think the male family members in anyone's family seem to be one of the hardest to buy for. I picked a few of these, if all else fails, some socks and a big box of chocs will do just nicely I am sure!

Robbie Savage Football Funnies, £10, ASDA

My top picks for 'secret santa':
Most 'secret santas' have a limit of aorund the £5 mark. Here are a few ideas.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?



  1. The Dove and Vaseline sets look like great stocking fillers :)