Friday, 5 October 2012

The Xmas Shopping Guide: The Parent Edition

I think parents are ever so fussy and difficult to buy for at Christmas time. At least mine are. I find my Dad particularly hard to buy for, as he isn't interested in Golf, Football or anything like that, which is what most 'men' presents are aimed at. I try not to buy 'bath and body gift sets' either because, quite frankly, the body butters and body creams will rarely be used. Most dads I know receive about 6 packs of socks every Christmas and off course lots of Lynx sets. I try to steer clear of these sort of gifts as I know he will get tonnes anyway! My mum is one of those people who has everything, and is ever so picky with the perfume she wears and clothes she wears, so it can be so frustrating trying to find her something she will like! 
I try to put a little effort into making my parents Christmas extra special, as they have done such a lot for me all my life, I like to make them feel appreciated and show them that a lot of thought, time, effort has gone into the gifts I have given them. 
A lovely idea if your parents live together would be to buy them joint presents, perhaps gather them together in a wicker basket, filled with things they both love. Say a bottle of wine, a DVD, box of chocolates, a few pretty candles for around the home, a new year calendar, small home d├ęcor pieces, that kind of thing. 

Here are my top picks for Dads Christmas gifts this year:

And here are my top picks for Mums Christmas Gifts this year: 

What do you think of these gift ideas?

What are you planning on buying your parents this year?



  1. My mom would definitely appreciate the yankee candle gift! :) xx