Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Barratts Shoes / Hello Terri Lowe Competition Entry

Hello lovelies. Today I am writing a post sharing my competition Entry with you all, which is with the ever so lovely Terri from Hello, Terri Lowe, in partner with Barratts shoes. It is a pretty awesome competition, where you pick out a few items you would buy if you won the £70 prize from Barratts. You should definitely go and enter this competition, I am now green with envy though as I am sat here drooling over these gorgeous shoes!

I tried to stick to the £70 prize, to show that you can get a good few pairs of some gorgeous shoes on a limit, as Barratts is known for its reasonable prices. I also found a pair of shoes later on which goes over the prize limit... I loved them that much (borderline obsession) I thought I would include them at the end of this post just for fun anyway. 
Hope you enjoy and dont forget to check out Terri Lowes blog!

Odeon Stud Trim Casual Slipper Shoes £12.75

I picked these, as those that know me know I adore the studded trend, and comfortable flat shoes are a must for me. I would purchase these as I like to wear comfortable shoes, but these look a little more edgy and unique I think. I go to quite a lot of gigs, and find it difficult to find a comfortable shoe which looks like I have made a bit of an effort. These would be ideal! They look super comfortable and the best part - the price. These were £15 reduced to £12.75, great little saving for a gorgeous pair of beauties I would literally live in.

Barratts Stud Trim Casual Creeper Style Shoes £30

Keeping with the stud theme, I saw these studded creepers and caved. They are so beautiful. I know creepers aren't for everyone, but I really love them. My dad wore them in the 70's and 80's, so I have had a little thing for them before they became back in trend, in fact, I have worn his vintage creepers out and was given lots of compliments! So definitely a shoe that you can keep for life :) and these are just beautiful as they can be worn casual or dressed up. Creepers are very comfortable shoes, and I think I would be a pair of creepers if I was alive in she form: Very casual, laid back, effortless and unique.

Sherbert Riding Boots With Cleated Soles £22

From reading the above you have probably gathered I enjoy a comfortable shoe in my life. I am not one of those girls who can hack a high heel every day to work; that will unfortunately never be me. I really wanted to choose a pair of boots, and came across these riding boots and knew instantly I wanted them on my feet. Like. Now. They look comfortable, and would look amazing I am sure with leggings, thick tights or jeans. Even with a maxi dress I think! I love the buckle detailing, they look as if they have good grip on the bottom, and general seem a very versatile pair of shoes that would look nice with anything you threw on! I think riding boots are a very practical yet classic shoe which last for years, so definitely a good investment, although these are only £22 they are a tiny price of what most riding boots cost!

Just for Fun....

Dr Martens Lace Up Boot £75

These are just so damn gorgeous I can't even express in words to you how much I adore these. I adore the lilac colour, I really do think they could go really well with thick tights, midi skirt and woolly jumper. Alternatively I would wear these with skinny jeans, a baggy t-shirt and a statement necklace. They look so , dare I say the word, 'effortlessly cool'. I have tried some Dr Martens on in the past and they felt super comfy. I am in actual love with this pair of shoes, you may see me on the News for UK's craziest lady marrying a pair of Dr Martens Boots in the near future.

What do you think of the shoes I picked?
Are you taking part in this competition?


  1. Fabulous post, good luck!


  2. Lovely blog! Follow each other on GFC?

  3. I definitely love the riding books. They are great giveaways and whoever gets them are lucky. I enjoy reading your blog and I am following you now. I would love for you to follow back.

    1. lovely arent they! I know, the winners are very deserving as their choices are lovely and beautiful displayed (mines a bit awful lol) thanks lovely course I will xx

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  5. love the shoes you've picked especially the creepers, they're a great price too! :) x

  6. Thos creepers are awesome, great price too! x