Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mallzee - Making Shopping Social

Mallzee - The NEW Way To Shop Online!

I was contacted by a lovely PR lady from Mallzee recently, and after hearing about Mallzee, I was instantly intrigued.

Mallzee is an online community where you can shop and communicate with your friends. Users make a profile, by choosing their favourite shopping stores (some of these include New Look and Urban Outiftters, to name but a few) and picking out clothing items to showcase in their own Mallzee, for friends to see. Users can then invite friends to visit their Mallzee through Facebook Chat. Products can then be discussed with your friends, users can even create polls to decide on a purchase,  and to top it all off, here is the best part... you can get paid for your Mallzee! Yes YOU get PAID.  Every time a friend purchases something you have showcased in your Mallzee, you will get paid, how awesome is that?!

The site launches later this year, but you can currently enter your email address for the launch invite on their website (you can do this here) which automatically enters you into a prize for £100 shopping vouchers. 

I wanted to give my amazing readers a heads up on this, as it sounds pretty awesome and I am definitely going to be creating a Mallzee with all my favourite trends. 

Check out Mallzee - it is definitely the new way to shop!

If you want more info, tweet them at @MallzeeHQ and they will be happy to answer your questions :)

Let me know if you do! 



  1. Wow I really like the sound of this!! I must check it out at some point soon :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, means a lot xxx


    1. definitely do it hun, its gunna be huge I reckon!
      No problem hunni :) xxx