Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amazing Bargains in Superdrug: Haul!

GOSH and Bloom Bargains at Superdrug!

After having a pretty awful day a few days ago, I was flicking through my twitter feed on my phone and saw that my sisters best friend had tweeted about some amazing deals in Superdrug she just had. I adore this girl too much, she gets all the best deals I don't know how she does it! I headed up to Superdrug to have a wonder and see if I could get in on any of these said - to - be - had bargains.

In my local Superdrug I noticed that all of the Bloom products had been dramatically reduced, where nothing was more than £2.99! I was actually secretly annoyed because a few months ago I'd made my first purchase on a Bloom foundation (I blogged about it here.) for £16 and now it was £2.99! (thankfully they didn't have my shade left so I didn't feel too defeated). I am assuming they are no longer stocking it or have changed the packaging. There were also a lot of bargain bins which included more Bloom products, GOSH and a few random other brands.

Bloom Powder Blush in Hibiscus - £1.99

This product was out of a bargain bin and wasn't in its packaging. I checked it and it looked unused and in good condition so I picked it up. I wore it to work yesterday and it is highly pigmented, beautiful pink colour and stayed on all day. It even has a mirror.

Bloom Eye Paints in Chocolate - 99p

I also used this as a base yesterday on my eyelids, its a gorgeous natural brown, I found it really easy to apply and it didn't crease all day. I am pretty sure the original price is around the £8 mark! You can see a little swatch above of the colour.

Bloom Eye Shadow in Whisper - £1.99

I am yet to try this, but I have swatched it and seems good quality. Its a very pale pink/creamy colour which I am sure would be great as a base or highlight underneath the brow.

GOSH Eye Shadow Quaret in 002 Modest Liberty - £1.99

I cant find an online price for this, but the GOSH quattro eye shadows are £8.49, so I assume this product used to be around that mark. The colours are very beutral and could be used for an 'everyday look'. Some shadows are very pigmented, some are not. Its probably the product I will wear the least out of what I brought, but I am sure my sister will take it off my hands if I no longer want it. A lovely thing about this product is there is a tiny on/off switch near the bottom of the mirror, and as you can see from the picture above, it turns two little lights on around the mirror. That alone is adorable.

GOSH Eye Shadow Palette in 001 Nude Passion - £1.99

I am SO happy I got this! I have wanted it for ages, it was a limited edition palette way back in Spring 2011 and none of the stores near to me stocked it at the time! It has gorgeous colours, very 'nude' and bare eye shadows. I don't really care that it is old stock, I have searched and searched and searched online for this product for months on eBay and just so happened to find it in perfect condition in the bargain basket.

All  products cost £1.99 each, apart from the Bloom Eye Paint which was just 99p! All of these goodies came to a tiny total of £8.95!!

What do you think of these bargains?


  1. None of the Bloom stuff in my local Superdrug has been reduced yet :( x

    1. Aw really :( I looked online but they don't even show Bloom products on Superdrug's website for some reason :S
      I had a look on Blooms own website and everything apart from the eye shadow I think had either been taken off the site or repackaged/styled! Very strange, hopefully your local store will drop their prices soon :) xx

  2. Ooo this looks amazing deffo going into Superdrug tomorrow! thanks for sharing :) xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna get to superdrug as soon as payday comes around on weds (: x

  4. Great haul! That blush looks amazing! Could you maybe do a review on it? :)

    In honor of reaching 200 followers there's a giveaway on my blog. I'd love to see you enter too!
    You can check my giveaway here!

    Have an amazing week!


    1. aw thanks hun :) yeah sure will do, hopefully have it up in a few wks :)
      i will enter darling :) xx