Thursday, 21 June 2012

Update post + The end of the shopping ban!

Hello lovelies, as of Tuesday this week, my shopping ban ended! 
All in all, I have saved a little bit of cash, learnt that I can survive the rest of my life without buying an Essie nail polish I really really want think I want, and that I can reuse things that I already own and mix them up to make them into something new again. I was a little rebellious and broken the ban a few times, but not on anything way overboard, so I am really pleased with myself. 
I am not planning on particularly going back to my old ways, but I think I should begin to buy myself things when I truly deserve something OR only if I actually need it.
So yes, I survied the 100 day shopping ban challenge, and you can to if you so wish! It has been very difficult, and like I said, I have had some jitters and break outs along the way, but it does just show (without sounded too clich'e) that it IS achievable, if you really want to do it.  

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have passed my degree at University, and very happy with my results! This is a sweet little card my Grandma gave me, so sweet.

As I have more time on my hands due to finishing University, I have more time to relax, see my family, meet up with my friends and see my OH, which is brilliant as I have missed all of these aspects being consistent part of my life! I also have much more time to blog, so if you'd like to see any particular posts coming my way, give me a shout!

I reached 100 followers on my blog a few weeks ago, and I am so, so happy and overwhelmed by this, you don't know how chuffed I am/1 So thank you to you all for making me such a happy girl!
I am planning on doing a give away if I reach 150 or 200 followers, it wont be anything extravagant as you know I haven't got much moolah, but I hope you understand that and wanted to give you a little something back as a thank you for being so amazing!

Lots of smiles and things to celebrate from me over the past two months!

Also, I have finally joined the bandwaggon and got Instagram. My username is zoeliannex so do follow me! I'm still a little confused by it all but I'm sure with practice I will get to grips with it!
I am debating whether to do a weekly/fortnightly or monthly Instagram post, but I know this is a little overdone and unsure whether you guys would like to see this type of post. Let me know :-)

I have no plans for the Summer, I really am jealous of all my friends jet setting off and going on their jolly holidays, but I have a lot of job searching to do so I am sure that will keep me busy.

What are your plans for Summer?
Hope you are all well and having a great week!



  1. Congratulations on finishing the shopping ban AND Uni! Hope you enjoy your new found free time =)

  2. Well done on a) your degree! That's brill! b) COmpleting the ban! I admit I caved a while a go and have been really bad! You should be justly proud!
    Enjoy the free time!x